Analysis of Novel “The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald

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27 November 2021

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The Great Gatsby was written a few years ago, but most of the themes and things that they do in the book can nonetheless be related to today’s society. The rich and famous people rule the world and the much less fortunate individuals. The e-book used materialism throughout this time interval within the e-book and we nonetheless use this right now. Everyone wished to be rich and had been drawn to the upper class more than the lower class and different people nonetheless are. Gatsby will get judged by his huge home, parties and his private belongings.

We nonetheless decide people on looks similar to they did in the past. Daisy additionally admires wealth and received uninterested in waiting for Gatsby and married Tom as a substitute of waiting for him to return home from warfare. We are mesmerized with the latest music, pricey clothes, vehicles, and know-how such because the folks in the guide. We see folks that get married due to cash rather than love nonetheless right now.

Throughout the whole novel Nick meets lots of Gatsby’s, Daisy’s and Tom’s pals however keeps his distance from them and does not become very close with them. Nick solely keeps a sincere relationship with Gatsby and Jordan. It is much like people at present some simply have a quantity of pals they really simply discuss to and not really create friendships with others. We additionally see this in social networks we call random individuals we add on Snapchat or instagram gram associates but you might have never met them in your life.

Such as at Gatsby’s crazy parties he did not even invite any of them and only knows a few of them. Relationships and friendships are weaker if you solely know them on social media quite than meeting them in real life and attending to know them higher. Nick just discovered about individuals from simply being with folks at the wrong time he noticed secrets and things about others private life’s. We see this on media the place you’ll have the ability to simply get details about somebody from their profile and act like you know them however that’s solely a brief description of them you won’t ever really know them like that.

In this book Gatsby’s is a very wealthy man who apparently came from a wealthy family and it was passed on to him, but in reality he was a poor boy that grew up in a poor family. Gatsby creates a fake life and hopes to when daisy coronary heart. If folks had been to actually know how Gatsby came across this huge amount of wealth they’d in all probability view him in a unique way than they do now. A nice example of this today could be the well-known and wealthy individuals making an attempt to making an attempt to bribe their children’s method into school and get their take a look at scores fixed with cash. They attempt to create a faux life for his or her kids although they did not actually earn or deserve it. Just because you are rich doesn’t imply you can control individuals or make them do what you need in a dream. Gatsby thinks that now that he’s rich that he can win over Daisy despite the precise fact that he does not actually love her and need every little thing to go his method. The folks that tried to bribe the youngsters into faculties didn’t get it to go the finest way they wished it either. He changed the way he lived as a end result of his troubled previous would drive daisy away. We also see this right now with folks at faculties where that act in another way round people then they usually do exactly to fit in with a certain group of kids to make them feel better however it’s a fake life they create identical to Gatsby.

In the novel Gatsby is sort of a celebrity and everyone within the west and east egg know him however probably not they know of him. He is simply well known because of his extremely elaborate parties he puts on and everybody comes even from the east egg. Everyone acts like they know him and are associates with him but truly they don’t appear to be his associates we can inform when he is accused of hitting and killing Wilson’s spouse Myrtle and then everyone hates him and does not want something to do with him or go around him corresponding to his so called pal Wolfsheim. Wolfsheim is only nervous about his wealth and enterprise. Nick was his solely true and sincere friend he got here to events and he attended Gatsby’s funeral as well. We see this today with many famous folks they do one factor incorrect and all of their friends reduce them off and forget all about them. Many actors are also forgotten after their reveals end and they do not get one other present to behave on similar to Frankie Muniz he was a star on the present Malcolm within the center and didn’t get one other chance to act and we forgot all about him corresponding to Gatsby after the murder was pinned on him everybody just went to imagine it was him.

In the e-book wealth is a significant factor and is divide between sides such as the west and east egg and the valley of ashes. Today we see this in schools and components of cities where we’re separated by wealth they usually treat people differently just like in the novel. Gatsby tries to regulate people along with his wealth and it works we see this taking place today individuals attempt to use their money to take advantage of others and to slot in. The e-book describes methods on how money rules the world and other people and we still see cases of this today. People are also divided by money today in lots of locations. The Great Gatsby novel may be old however is not outdated it can relate to many issues in today’s society.

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