Analysis of Pink”s Stupid Girls

1. Pink’s Stupid Girls created 2006 2. Narrative or storyline; Young lady is sitting on couch, watching TV which shows a variety of depictions of girls. The ‘good’ and ‘bad’ angels hover over her shoulders. The pictures include ladies as ditzy, carrying little canines, car-washing in minimal clothing, because the president, enjoying football. 3. The central discourses are stereotypes concerning women and the alternatives that women make. The whole video clip presents the range of the way ladies could be in our society.

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For instance, they are often insecure about their appearance, with scenes exhibiting them getting spray-tans, having beauty surgery and the bulimic girl within the bathrooms.

Almost in distinction, the women are proven as being outlined by their sexuality and utilizing their look to gain approval, similar to in the dancing, bed room and the car-washing scenes. This concept can be evident in the health club and bowling alley skits. There are also images of women being strong and impartial, particularly within the president scenario and the final scene.

The central discourse challenges most of the current stereotypes which outline women by their look, somewhat than by the quality of their contributions to society. For instance, within the opening scene, a young girl is depicted sitting on a couch watching television. As she modifies channels, completely different representations of girls are shown. The woman is holding a Barbie doll and purse, representing the discourse of girls as judged by their look and fashion-conscious. However, she is sporting a football jersey which represents a unique discourse of ladies as sportswomen and maybe being in a position to match the boys.

In another instance, within the car-washing scene, the lady is wearing very minimal clothing, sliding all over the car within the suds, projecting her breasts in a bikini top, and showing to be particularly clumsy. Her movements are fairly suggestively sexual, and in fact lots of her ‘poses’ replicate these in the bed room scene, so the message is a couple of lady being an object of sexual gratification. This depiction of women is type of downgrading. Overall the illustration of younger ladies is negative, with the positive variations presented as the popular, however not widespread, discourse. A optimistic illustration of ladies is within the president scene.

The lyrics ask ‘what occurred to the dream of a woman president’, and the images suggest a girl who’s intelligent, sturdy and powerful. This is achieved by way of a range of visual methods: the use of costume – a jacket and glasses, digicam angle – from under to emphasize status, props – the USA flag, portrait in background, and the lectern. The motion of hanging a fist on the lectern also emphasises the confidence of the character, in direct distinction to other scenes which present the girl as insecure, evaluating herself to other women and attempting to attract the eye of men. . The video clip uses a spread of technical features to assist convey the overall message.

For instance, very conventional codes are used in the opening scene, where the angel is depicted in white and the devil in black and red. The connotation of white is of purity and innocence, whereas the connotations often associated with black and pink are negative. Fire is suggestive of hell and the smoke or cloud around the white angel suggests heaven. The message is thus a very heavy laden one, making one view of ladies good and the opposite dangerous.

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