Analysis of Relationship in The Notebook Movie

The Notebook begins at a nursing house the place an aged man referred to as “Duke” reads a love story that is written in a notebook to an aged lady who can also be a affected person. The story is about in Seabrook Island, South Carolina the place a local boy by the name of Noah Calhoun falls in love with a young heiress named Allie Hamilton. In order to get her to go on a date with him, Noah climbs up a Ferris wheel at the local carnival and threatens to jump off until she agrees to go out with him.

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Their first date is on the motion pictures and ends with the two dancing in the street. The end of their date leads into an attractive summer love affair where the two fall deeply in love with each other. Allies parents are lifeless set towards the 2 young folks being collectively; this is primarily as a result of Noah’s standing (being poor) in the world. Eventually the two break-up and Allie returns home to Charleston along with her mother and father.

Even though the 2 are aside they are still very a lot in love with one another. Noah writes a letter to Allie daily for one year; unfortunately Allies mother intercepts the letters and does not give them to her daughter.

Since neither one hears from the other they decide that they haven’t any selection however to maneuver on. Noah goes on to struggle in World War II, while Allie goes on to varsity after which volunteers as a nurse who cares for wounded soldiers.

During her time as a volunteer Allie meets Lon; a younger lawyer who comes from old cash. The two date for a while and then one evening whereas out together with her parents Lon proposes to Allie and she or he accepts. Even though she is engaged to someone else Allie nonetheless thinks about Noah. In the meantime Noah returns house from the warfare and sees Allie consuming at a restaurant with Lon and catches the 2 of them kissing. Noah decides to return house and restore the plantations home, thinking that if he can finish it then Allie will finally come again to him. One day while looking for her marriage ceremony gown Allie sees a picture of Noah and the finished home within the paper. Allie decides that she must return and see Noah. Upon her arrival the 2 speak for some time and then eat dinner. Later the subsequent day he takes Allie for a ship ride out on the river and reveals her the swans. On the greatest way again it’s storming and Allie lastly asks Noah why he by no means wrote to her.

Here she finds out that Noah did actually write to her and after arguing for some time the 2 finally ends up making love. The next day Allies mother shows up and gives her the letters that Noah had written all these years in the past and tells her that she wants to select. Eventually Allie chooses Noah and she or he breaks off her engagement with Lon. In the current we discover that “Duke” is definitely Noah and the aged girl is Allie. The two have been married happily all of those years. The cause that Noah has been studying this pocket book love story to her is because Allie has dementia and at occasions his retelling her the story helps her to remember. At the very finish of the film Allie asks Noah if he thinks that their love is robust sufficient to take them away collectively, meaning die together. He believes that it is and the 2 lie down on the bed wrapped in every other’s arms and die peacefully. I found this film to be very touching, unhappy, and happy all at the identical time. The way the 2 loved one another so fully and utterly through everything is something that I consider is clearly lacking in today’s world.

Through a lot of the film we discover Allie holding her emotions in, fearful of injuring those that she cares about. We can see this when she lastly concedes to her parents’ wishes and moves back to Charleston. We also see this when she accepts Lon’s proposal, not simply because she cares and loves him, however because he is what her dad and mom would have chosen (and accredited of) for her. Another major place where we see that is in path of the tip when she is trying to make her decision on whom to be with. In each instance we find her extremely scared of expressing her emotions. Another issue that we see via the film is insufficient interpersonal skills. This is one of the hardest communication obstacles to overcome. This is because many individuals easy do not know tips on how to express their feelings. While this may be seen with all the arguing that happens between Noah and Allie; we additionally see it more subtly with Allie and her mom. This is as a end result of Allie and her mom by no means merely sit down and talk to every other about the concern of the relationship between Noah and Allie. Instead of explaining to Allie from the beginning how she felt and why she felt that method about the relationship she as an alternative decided to yell and conceal the letters that Noah had written.

Had the 2 realized to communicate higher from the start it will have saved lots of heartache. Through this movie we are in a position to also see the Socialization Theory at work. This principle talks about the different ways that women and men are taught to specific their feelings. During this movie we see Allie’s mother maintain her feelings in in relation to something apart from he daughter’s actions. Anne is what could be considered the right southern girl. She doesn’t express any unfavorable emotions in public setting; as an alternative she keeps them to herself. We can even see this together with her father and the way he ever so eloquently addresses Noah and his unhappiness with him seeing his daughter. In both respects Allies dad and mom act emotionally how the higher class of southern society would anticipated to. This movie shows each facet of a relationship, from the nice to the unhealthy. It exhibits that no relationship is ideal; they all have their ups and there downs. While many different elements of emotional communication could be seen, for me the ideas of fear, inadequate interpersonal abilities and the socialization principle are probably the most acceptable. I consider that this film can educate all individuals one thing about relationships.

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