Analysis of the Child Sexual Abuse Cases in Rotherham and Rochdale

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30 November 2021

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In the last couple many years there has been a failure of local authorities to behave on stories of abuse by gangs in sure components of England. The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal comprised of the organised youngster sexual exploitation that transpired in Rotherham positioned in South Yorkshire. There was an estimated 1,four hundred kids, predominantly white ladies, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by mostly British-Pakistani males (Jay Report, 2014). There had been also cases of abuse in opposition to British Asian women nonetheless worry of shame and dishonour made them unwilling to report the exploitation to authorities.

The Rochdale youngster intercourse abuse ring was additionally a similar case that concerned underage teenage women in Rochdale in Greater Manchester. Nine males have been convicted of sex trafficking and different offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to interact in sexual activity with a baby in May 2012. The fallout from these revelations was dramatic and is in plenty of senses an on‐going process debate has raged on the roles of race, ethnicity, class and gender in facilitating the abuse of girls and of catastrophic and possibly corrupt individual and institutional failure from businesses together with the police, council and social companies.

Environmental Analysis

The inhabitants of Rochdale was 211,699 in 2011. The town’s employment price has steadily decreased over recent years and falls under the national common. Also, the variety of jobs situated in Rochdale dropped by 5,000 between 2007-09.

Rotherham is the biggest city in South Yorkshire with a population of 109,691 in 2011. The city has excessive unemployment rates which are above the nationwide average and there are 23% of properties belonging to social housing.

There were additionally 610 children in care in 2018, which is strikingly above the common price. Furthermore, the variety of kids subject to Child Protection Plans can also be above average at 628. In the Rotherham cases, one third of the targeted children have been previously identified to social services. The prosecutor defined that two of the victims had been sisters who were “effectively abandoned” by each their mother and father once they were very younger and that they were already corrupted once they got here to the eye of two of the defendants. The prosecutor mentioned: ‘These sisters, like so many others, have been easy to use as a outcome of they wanted to be liked.’ The vulnerability of the ladies made them a straightforward goal for the perpetrators.

With regards to the Muslim group, the chief govt of the Ramadhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq, blamed elders of the Pakistani group of ‘burying their heads within the sand’ on the difficulty of sexual grooming and its important drawback in the neighborhood with the actions bringing disgrace on our neighborhood. The co-chairperson of the Conservative Party, Sayeeda Warsi mentioned ‘You can solely begin solving a problem when you acknowledge it first,’ and added, ‘This small minority who see girls as second class residents, and white women in all probability as third class citizens, are to be spoken out towards.’

The rest of the community nonetheless, appeared to have another method. Protestors from far-right organisations, such because the British National Party and the English Defence League, held demonstrations with banners saying ”Refugees not welcome”. Additionally, Eagle Taxis, which two of the convicted males labored at, said that as a end result of requests clients might choose to have a white driver but this was reversed after 50 Asian drivers protested.

It has been suggested that the media has created a moral panic as a result of its protection and portrayal of South Asian men as perpetrators of sexual violence in opposition to white victims.’. In the 2012 case, the media and the court defined the perpetration of abuse by drawing parallels between the cultural backgrounds of the perpetrators and the acts they inflicted on the victims. In this account, culture was specifically mixed with the ethnicity and faith of the offenders and was viewed as a foundational force in the abuse.

Overall, strengths were proven because the response and awareness to the crime has been detrimental to helping deal with this hidden however widespread problem. Although, some weaknesses lie in crimes like these have a nasty portrayal in the media leading to racial division and tensions within the British communities.

The Police Analysis

In 2012 The Times newspaper printed an investigation which revealed a confidential 2010 police report and intelligence had warned thousands of such crimes had been being committed in South Yorkshire annually by networks of Asian men. Offenders identified to the police weren’t prosecuted and that youngster abuse had taken place on a ‘vast scale’. In the confidential police and council documents they’d accessed, there was reluctance to analyze and prosecute Asian offenders because of concern over exacerbating neighborhood tensions. The town’s former Labour MP, Denis MacShane, claimed police had kept the abuse secret from politicians. In October 2012, the council, South Yorkshire Police and other companies set up a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) team to investigate the issues raised in the report, though South Yorkshire Police denied it had been reluctant to deal with baby sexual abuse or that ‘ethnic origin had been a factor’ in its choices. But the police drive was criticised by the Home Affairs Select Committee. One unnamed victim has mentioned she anticipated police to investigate her case when she first reported it however they ‘never actually did’. She stated: ‘They appeared to take it critically at first, and I was video interviewed, but then time passed and nothing happened.” The sufferer said it grew to become evident that police were not taking her report of sexual abuse significantly. She added: ‘It is apparent to me that again then the police may actually have done a a lot better job and spent extra time wanting into it.”

The Jay Report is damning of police failure to intervene and to stop the sexual abuse and exploitation of younger girls. Documented sufferer testament reveals that cops treated them ‘with contempt’ (Jay 2014: 1) some examples included ladies as young as 13 years of age being blamed for placing themselves in conditions where they would be sexually exploited. Potential ramifications of such misogynistic and dismissive police attitudes to younger feminine victims of rape and sexual assault are laid out by Kelly et al. (2005) in their examine of attrition in reported rape instances. They found that cops and prosecutors overestimated the size of false allegations, resulting in a ‘culture of scepticism’ and that discouragement by the police throughout investigations was a powerful cause for victims ceasing to cooperate.

Officers on the Rochdale division were underneath stress at the time to hit ‘volume crime’ targets like bringing down the variety of burglaries and were overwhelmed by the entire scale of the grooming downside they had uncovered. Sheer lack of useful resource, and in addition the reality that their bosses appeared reluctant to research for concern of being branded racist, contributed to delays within the investigation. It took police 11 months to compile a file of evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – after interviewing the young victim on 4 events.

Overall, the strengths had been found in have been a variety of welcome modifications to the regulation since the Rochdale grooming scandal saw nine men convicted of kid abuse offences in 2012. Police forces have been ordered to deal with child sexual abuse as equal to terrorism and the house secretary has admitted this crime is “not going away”, nevertheless the negatives were rooted within the length of time it took police to completely investigate these circumstances. The women got no legitimacy to what they’d been saying and on the ages of 11-13 had no proper to offer ‘consent’ to males in the 30s-50s.

Allies Analysis

One of the most important allies to the Rochdale case was the specialist sexual health help service. The service was primarily based in Rochdale’s city centre and aimed to reach out to children and advise younger folks susceptible to sexual exploitation. Due to their non-judgmental strategy, they had been capable of win trust in a means that police and social providers could not. The girls knew we weren’t there to try to get proof from them – they were there to help and support them. If this service wasn’t available, half the evidence that led to mass convictions would never have come to mild. The girls didn’t belief police or social providers to help them as no one wished to take heed to them.

Once they started to see the magnitude of the issue, they went out of their way to inform everybody about it. But it seemed the size of this crime was something folks just couldn’t face up to. Calls to police were ignored and social workers stated the women were making way of life choices. A Rochdale sexual well being employee told an inquiry that each one the women had been ‘treated appallingly by protective services’. “We have been making referrals from 2004, very explicit referrals, referrals which absolutely highlighted for protective services that younger people had been extremely weak,” she mentioned. “It was unfortunate that it was about attitudes towards youngsters. It was absolute disrespect that susceptible young folks didn’t have a voice.“ They were ignored, they had been discriminated in opposition to.” Critics say the delays meant more ladies were left to be abused while the legal justice system slowly changed its course.

Schools raised the alert over the years about kids as young as 11, 12 and 13 being picked up outdoors faculties by vehicles and taxis, given presents and cellphones and brought to meet large numbers of unknown males in Rotherham, different local towns and cities, and additional afield. Typically, youngsters had been courted by a young man whom they believed to be their boyfriend.

The social workers have been supposed to be there to help the ladies however as an allie they failed to do this. They failed to accept the severity of the problem and to acknowledge the grooming that had taken place. It was very much passed off as teenage girls making their very own choices however in fact these were younger ladies who have been plied with medication and alcohol and had been threatened to an extent have been they felt pressured to take part in these horrific acts. Social services and social staff did no have the right limitations there to protect thee young women. With some of the women already in care and staff figuring out that random men were choosing them up a scarcity of investigation and questioning was happening

Overall, the strengths have been discovered in the trust that the girls had with the workers on the sexual health service nevertheless the negatives have been rooted within the failure of the services earlier than and after. They had been failed so many instances by social companies and by police, these girls had been already in such a vulnerable place that now they’d no one to look after them. Why social companies confirmed wilful blindness in ignoring what was occurring and how so many businesses had collectively didn’t act a lot earlier

Perpetrator Analysis

The perpetrators in both of the cases had been very related they have been principally British Pakistani men who had been between the ages of 30s – 50s and who either worked in a takeaway store or at a taxi agency. While testifying in court, one of many victims stated that a perpetrator told her he was doing nothing incorrect delivering her to quite a few males for sexual abuse as a end result of ‘in his country you’re allowed to have sex with ladies from the age of 11’. The focus in these cases seems to be on the sexual abuse of youngsters and younger adults on the premise of their vulnerability, somewhat than as a end result of a specific preferential sexual interest in children. The CEOP assesses that type 1 offenders are unlikely to identify themselves as having a sexual curiosity in youngsters, but molest kids as a result of they’re weak to sexual exploitation.

The process of grooming has been nicely documented in national reports and research. Many of the instances we examined showed traditional evidence of grooming. Many of the children were already vulnerable when grooming began. Many of the case files described children who had troubled household backgrounds, with a historical past of home violence, parental habit, and in some cases critical psychological health issues. A significant variety of the victims had a historical past of child neglect and/or sexual abuse when they have been youthful. Some had a determined need for attention and affection. Many of the young ladies sexually exploited in Rotherham were in care on the time and that many perpetrators actively targeted these residents’ models and providers. (Waqas Tufail: 36)

Over a period of time, the child would be introduced to older males who fostered them and provided them with items, free alcohol and sometimes medication. Children were initially flattered by the eye paid to them, and impressed by the apparent wealth and class of these grooming them. 
Many had been completely convinced that they were particular in the affections of a perpetrator, regardless of all of the proof that many other youngsters were being groomed and abused by the identical particular person. Some of the victims were by no means able to accept that that they had been groomed and abused by a number of sexual predators. A key goal of the perpetrators was to isolate victims from household and pals as a part of the grooming course of. 
(Jay report). Threats have been additionally utilized by the perpetrators as a way of silencing the girls, they typically obtained the women friends to assist convince the others to stay silent and that it wasn’t so unhealthy to participate within the sexual acts as they were receiving issues in return.

Overall, the strengths have been found in the, nonetheless the negatives had been rooted


In the aftermath of the Rotherham and Rochdale scandals, there are a few proposals of measurements that could be made so as to aid these sorts of cases. In order to assist these investigation the communities have to be built up and there should be a progress in people’s confidence. Areas of vulnerability similar to care houses and damaged household systems have been ignored for too lengthy and this neglect makes them fertile territory for criminals. In this sort of environment more safeguards need to be put in place to protect most of these kids who’ve principally already been subject to previous abuse and neglect. Things like … must be put in place as protection to help maintain children secure and stop horrific circumstances like this ever happening again.

Police took too lengthy to firstly acknowledge the seriousness of the crimes and to compose case information after interviewing the ladies. Some victims were made to provide multiple interviews to police, with the vulnerability of the girls and the ptsd they were expertise this seems like a ridiculous factor to put them via, to relive the crimes so many occasions particularly at the susceptible stage they had been at. The lack of compassion paired with victim blaming and lengthy trials can be off placing for lots of victims. Many perpetrators have nonetheless not been brought to justice and that has been largely because of the disbelief and trust that the police can do something to help or to deliver justice to the victims. There needs to be more training for police in dealing with child sexual exploitation and to grasp the method of grooming, particularly as this scale grows to the internet.

Social services confirmed wilful blindness in ignoring what was taking place in Rotherham and Rochdale. There is a determined want for better-resourced agencies to help sort out these issues on the first initial levels or to prevent it before a child enters a dangerous and unsafe environment. After the victims have been left utterly broken, aftercare of their environment have to be made priority to provoke them back to a considerably normal state of dwelling. The injury that has been accomplished is incalculable/ absolutely devastating. Many youngsters suffered with self-harm, suicidal ideas, family breakdowns and homelessness. Several years later, some had been victims of domestic violence, drug and alcohol addictions, and had parenting difficulties with their very own youngsters. Some suffered with post-traumatic stress, emotional and psychological issues, typically undiagnosed and untreated. Also, in a selection of the cases kids and young individuals had pregnancies, miscarriages and terminations. All providers should recognise that after a toddler is affected by CSE, he or she is likely to require help and therapeutic intervention for an prolonged time period. Children should not be offered short-term intervention only, and circumstances should not be closed prematurely.


To conclude, the instances of child sexual exploitation was on a prolific magnitude and as a end result of failures of a quantity of totally different businesses it led to younger girls experiencing horrific acts towards them. In each cities there were environmental components together with unemployment charges and kids in care that made the kids weak and vulnerable to abuse. The police lacked training on this area and as a result of their poor investigative work it meant plenty of perpetrators have been freed, meaning more ladies have been abused. There had been allies such as sexual well being support employees and ‘Risky Business’, who in these circumstances really tried to assist the younger women and cease the abuse by reporting their discovering to the police. However the police and social companies failed massively to investigate and undertake the seriousness and the scale of what they had been informed resulting in a huge crack within the foundations. Due to the failings of so many people and the lack of safeguards it meant that there was an space of vulnerability that was perfect and a goal for these varieties of perpetrators. Girls who had been failed by so many people and who had been desperate for any affection they may get led to the horrific sexual abuse that occurred over the scale of a number of years. Now that the cases have been delivered to gentle and brought significantly there are three suggestive measures as what may be done now: more safeguards in child care houses, extra police coaching and more assets obtainable for social providers. These are only a few simple however effective steps to be taken to prevent extensive scale abuse like this ever taking place again.

‘I know he actually loves me … (about a perpetrator convicted of very serious offences against other children)”

“He may produce other girlfriends however I am special…”

“Boys gave me drink and drugs for free… I was driven around in quick cars”.

What those in power can’t tolerate is that abuse on the dimensions revealed in some children’s properties – and it’s extremely probable in all institutional settings which supposedly take care of the susceptible poor – flows from the systemic disregard which derives from a conception of sections of the population as being worthless. This worthlessness feeds into their powerlessness which in flip supplies these in power with a sense of impunity in their behaviour. (Novak and Jones 1999: 88)

However, it is essential to transcend terms similar to ‘vulnerability’ which, while necessary, undertake a politically impartial position. Therefore recognising that lots of the young ladies subjected to sexual violence from men as typified in the Rotherham and Rochdale circumstances were from impoverished working class backgrounds is important. As Novak and Jones (1999) stress, systemic failings on the institutional level effectively help in facilitating the abuse of poor, marginalised children by the powerful

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