Analysis of the Structure of a Newspaper Article

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2 December 2021

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The structure of a newspaper article is very important. A well-structured article must be useful for the reader to comply with and understand the story, and most importantly, it should engage the reader, encouraging them to learn on. The following articles, ‘Germany grieves for a hero who dared not admit wrestle with mental illness. ’ from the newspaper, The Times, and ‘“It was an actual thrill”, says vacationer almost eaten by 18ft nice white shark. Taken from The Guardian, will be compared to one another and analysed.

The headlines of each articles are related in the way in which that they each use dramatic, eye-catching words to seize the attention of the reader. The headline of the Germany article makes use of the phrases ‘hero’ and ‘mental illness’ which would make the reader question how they could be linked and persuade them to read on. In the shark article, the sentence ‘18ft great white shark’ and quote, “it was a real thrill” are included.

This is attention-grabbing for the reader, and would make them want to discover out extra about their expertise.

The opening paragraph of an article ought to briefly include who was involved, what happened, why it occurred and where and when it occurred. The Germany article includes all 5 of those factors, whereas the shark article only includes who what and the place. However, by not including all the data, the reader is extra prone to learn on to find more in regards to the story because the detail turns into more developed within the following paragraphs.

The closing paragraphs of the articles are comparable in the greatest way that the less important and less needed info is added in the course of the tip.

They have each been written utilizing the inverted pyramid structure, which means the knowledge is organized in descending order of importance. The most essential material is positioned at the beginning of the story and the less important information follows. It is effective as a outcome of it tells the reader rapidly what they wish to know, however can make the ending boring, with no suspense.

Although, within the shark article, a quote has been included in the closing paragraph and was said by the person who experienced the shark attack, which is attention-grabbing and fascinating. The identical quote can be included in the headline, which hyperlinks the entire article together. Whereas within the Germany article, the quote added in the final paragraph has been mentioned by a columnist, which could be uninteresting and even unnecessary, which is an effective instance of the inverted pyramid structure.

Quotes have been used all through the textual content of each articles, however mainly after the first few paragraphs, after the very important information. Quotes are effective in a news story as a outcome of it is a approach to maintain the reader’s curiosity and advance the story. In the shark article, the quote “I was only in the cage a few minutes and this huge shark circled the boat a couple of times, then it started attacking the side of the cage,” This is effective as a outcome of it builds pressure, and doesn’t tell the mans complete expertise, so the reader is likely to read on to find out what occurs next.

This approach can also be used once more within the quote, “The captain was hitting the shark on the pinnacle with an iron pole but this just made things worse,” However, the Germany article is an informative story, telling individuals about the demise of a German goalkeeper, so the quotes which are included come from sources such as friends and family, for example the quote mentioned by his father, “In actually crucial phases, Robert turned petrified that a ball, any ball, could be shot at his aim. This is effective because the reader could be intrigued to know peoples views on the scenario, and could evaluate them with their own. In conclusion, I suppose that both texts are structured successfully as they have been written well to help the reader follow and understand the story, although I prefer the shark assault article, as it’s extra thrilling, participating and I discovered myself wanting to know extra.

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