Analysis of Video “The World is Flat”

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5 April 2016

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Key issues or Problems in the video:

The title “The World is Flat” was taken from a statement by Nandan Nilekani, the former Infosys (an Indian IT company) CEO. It seems like if hadn’t met Nandan then he wouldn’t have even written this book. He talks about Americans and the developing world but says almost nothing about Africa, Europe & Australia. The World is flat applies better to people with similar kind of economic conditions. In developing world, a big portion of population is poor or much below poverty line as per American standard. Their first challenge is access to food and Education. How could they be part of level playing field and make this world flat. Friedman says first that Nineteenth century belonged to English, Twentieth Century to USA and Twenty first Century to China. Friedman argues that latest age of globalization will be spearheaded by Individuals. He just made this assumption after meeting the cab driver in Budapest & Peruvian Dishware seller who have their own websites. The percentage of people doing their own business like this is still extremely low to claim that the era belongs to them. It feels like an exaggeration.

Its conflicting that on one hand, he says 21st century belongs to China and on the other hand, he says latest age of globalization (which is now) will be spearheaded by Individuals. I can’t accept his methods and question his research and interview process. Friedman is stating something without actually based on real documented facts, but on talks with friends and CEOs he visits. By what it leaves out, it does nothing more than misinform the people around the World. In the end, he talks about Green New Clean energy which kind of feel out of context from the main topic. Critique of video, Supporting arguments, rebuttals of ideas: I think there is a lot to criticize about the Video “The World is Flat”. Friedman’s view of the globalized world is often obsessed with the successful multinational corporations of India. In the video he talks about individuals or “free agents”, but being a free agent is riskier. Free agents will not have fixed salary and health care benefits (Source: Brown, C.V.).

If there is a free agent in India, he can’t work for American company without Social Security Number for Tax purposes. 90% of the world’s telephone calls, Internet traffic, and investments are local, suggesting that this Video has overstated the trends. His talk of a new flat world where information, money, ideas, and people can move worldwide faster than before is unreal, we just see a fraction of what he describes globalization (Refer Source:wiki). Globalization causes unemployment here in America. It is shipping jobs outside America where its easy to find cheap labor.

The winners will be capitalists worldwide causing income inequality everywhere. This would imply that Globalization will make the world NON-Flat instead. He talks about mashing the two specializations together which doesn’t always give the better result. Actions I would take next and why or personal experience dealing with the issues: The video presents more of an American perspective. Friedman’s work history has been mostly with The NY Times, and has definitely affected the way due to which he thinks this way. I would have liked his ideas in a more “inclusive voice” to show the whole World’s perspective. I would encourage fair trade instead of free trade.

If we put his claims to test against documented facts. It will not pass. I would have liked more research and references. World will be actually a level playing field when everybody will have a fair opportunity to Education & Resource of Technology. If I make a website and start selling say “Baseball bats”. First of all, there will be a Brand position issue that is why would people come to me instead of going to Store like “Sports Authority” or so where they can try and test things before buying. Secondly, In real world, its hard to be an Individual and manage the whole thing like getting the stuff made in foreign countries, handle the custom portion, get it shipped etc. on your own.

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