Analyzing a Written Essay

The two essays that I read were “A Soul as Free as the Air: About Lucy Stone” and, “How to succeed as an Online Student”. The four types of essay organization discussed in the course readings were;

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1. Topic: This development organizes information about the topic in the most logical way.

2. Time order: It is using sequential order to write an essay. It organizes the information from one time period to another.

3. Space order: This deals with location of people, places or things.

4. Informative process: This is written in a step-by-step arrangement in their natural occurring order.

The characteristics that make these essays expository, is that it has facts to inform about the topic. It is used in facts form and not biased. What distinguishes space organization from time organization or informative-process organization in an essay is that Space order deals with location, Time organization refers to placing information in chronological order by date or a specific time, and Informative essay would be one that takes on a step-by-step process. The organization of each essay help the reader understand the subject matter of that essay in the essay “How to Succeed as Online Student”, it list steps to teach online students what it takes to be successful in an online atmosphere. The reader understands you must follow these steps to succeed. On the essay, “A Soul as Free as the Air: About Lucy Stone” it helped to learn about Lucy Stone, it showed the order of her achievements. On the essays that I read, the one that has the most effective organization was “A Souls as Free as the Air: About Lucy Stone”.

I chose this essay, because it was organized from the beginning to the end, it was in the order of each of her achievements. A different type of organizational style for “How to Succeed as Online Student” if you change it to a time order or space order, then it would confuse some of the online students. The main part would be lost in the reading. It would definitely have students wanting to go to class instead of online, so the teacher could clarify things. The type of essay organization that is more suitable for my essay topic on “Warming Global; Drought,” would be Time Order, due to the heat and water levels at the time.

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