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Thrilling and intense written and directed by the masterful Christopher Nolan, “Inception” is an extremely exciting science-fiction thriller that’s bound to win an Oscar at the next awards ceremony. Inception is definitely the best film that Nolan has ever made and he has made a lot of hits! It is a popular entertainment with a knockout punch so intense and unnerving it’ll have you worrying if it’s safe to close your eyes at night.

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Christopher Nolan’s incredible blockbuster ‘inception’, having approximately $160 million spent on it in the most daring way is a major challenge for the other academy award contenders. Inception has an exciting cast consisting of Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph George-Levitt and six other capable Oscar nominated actors, making it one of the best movies of all time. It is one film that the audiences all around the world are definitely dying to see, as the last movie Nolan made was The dark night, one of the most watched and most liked films, they without doubt are longing to see what magic Nolan had worked on the big screen this time. The plot of the film can at times be very misleading, the story can be difficult to pin down, especially at first, and guessing time to time what will be happening next, or even if the characters are dreaming or in reality, is not always possible. But this is what makes it an award winning film. Despite being difficult to understand one can guess and try to figure out what is happening, making the movie even more gripping and indulging as the audience makes further attempts to get through to the roots of the plot.

Inception consists of several sounds and eerie surroundings to add to the thrill making the experience a whole lot more engaging , increasing the chances of it winning the Oscar. Not only this but the action in it is phenomenal. The way Nolan directed the action scenes in the movie and put them together makes it almost 100% that Inception should and will be the Oscar champ. The use of Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard as Mal and of Ariadne , a young architect, who is needed to create the subconscious landscapes in which the dreams will take place, as well as Ellen Page, adroitly cast for her youth, intelligence and earnestness, typifies the thought Nolan has taken to cast these thriller roles for emotional connection. A move which pays off in the scenes she shares with DiCaprio, winning over the audiences heart and attention.

In addition to the impeccably professional Batman veterans Caine and Murphy, the film is also on the money and has increased chances with the smaller roles, including Pete Postlethwaite as Fischer’s father and Tom Berenger as one of his key associates. Nolan is a master in keeping his audience engaged and making them think. Although, he has based the film in people dreams and has made the action take place while the actors are asleep, still making it almost impossible for the viewers to blink whilst watching the movie without regretting later. It is virtually guaranteed that this will be an award winning movie. Overall, “Inception” is a absolute gripping movie which knows no limits to supernatural behaviour and the perfect blend of creativity, emotions and theme successfully come together to making it a must watch movie and a certain Oscar winner. this is basically how my controlled assessment is ive changed some bits though

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