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13 December 2021

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1.The sins/ wrongs that Equality 7-2521 accuses himself of are

•Sin to write
•Sin to assume words no others think and to put them down on paper no others are to see
•We have dedicated a higher crime, and for this crime there is not any name
•We are alone here under the earth. The laws say that non amongst men could also be alone, ever and at any time.
•We had been born with a curse. It has at all times driven us to thoughts which are forbidden.

2. Equality 7-2521 is joyful when he hears his life mandate as a outcome of he (they) knew that he was responsible, and felt as a street sweeper he would have a method to erase his sins.

3. The Council of Vocations assigns Equality 7-2521 the job of a avenue sweeper due to his incompetence. I say this as a outcome of Equality 7-2521 is different from everyone else, so I can inform that the council, and everybody else don’t like different.

4. This novel takes place in the future.

I know this as a outcome of Equality refers to “the men before us”, and “the unmentionable times”. When he is underground in the tunnel.

5. If I had Equality’s curse my teachers would more than likely react to this “curse” by giving me more challenging work to finish. Equality on the other hand isn’t so fortunate as a end result of his “curse” is of excessive disapproval as a outcome of they imagine that no one should learn faster that his “brothers” and if considered one of them is “dumb” all of them have to be “dumb” alongside along with his brothers, and Vice- Versa.

6. Equality doesn’t besides the moral teachings of society. In truth he does man issues to go against it. He even admits in the novel that he actually doesn’t care. “and yet there is no disgrace in us and no regret. We say to ourselves that we’re a wretch and a traitor. But we feel no burden upon our spirit and no concern in our coronary heart. And it appears to us that our spirit is evident as a lake troubled by no eyes save these of the sun. And in our heart there’s the peace we have recognized in twenty years.” This is an excerpt from the top of chapter one that shows though Equality is aware of that he has committed sins he is at peace even in his incorrect doings.


7. The residence of the Infants is the place the place you reside until you are 5 years old with all the kids of the town who had been born the identical 12 months every little thing was clean and white. The house of the scholars is the place the place there are ten wards, for there ten years of learning. Men should study until they attain their fifteenth year. The home of the road sweepers is for all the road sweepers, and it is Equality’s house after he was given a career by the council of students. The house of the useless is the place where everyone goes at the age of forty. Council of Vocations decides your job/ mandate.

Chapter Two
1.The character traits which would possibly be revealed are her straight and thin physique, she has eyes that are darkish, onerous, glowing, fearless, unkind, and without guilt. She has golden hair, and is overall intimidating.

2.The unmentionable times- the period we stay in now that the council of elders forbade anyone to speak of. The unchartered forest- a forbidden place that lay close to the sewage space The evil ones- those that lived in the unmentionable times

The nice rebirth- the time period/ setting of the anthem

3.The word Equality is struggling with is the word “I”. I believe the mentioning of this word is punishable by demise in there society because it goes against it and would trigger the rediscovery of this word. The word “I” contradicts the beliefs of the society as a outcome of it goes towards the good “we” concept, and way of life. the rediscovery of the word “I” may trigger a variety of the folks to rethink their lifestyle which could result in riots, rebellion, and chaos. Chapter Three

1.Equality discovers tips on how to make mild out of copper, and wires. This is a vital discovery as a outcome of it will make life easier by giving them brighter mild, it wouldn’t burn out as shortly as a candle, and fires would be less likely.
2.The council of scholars consider that everybody is aware of every little thing that exist, if everybody doesn’t find out about one thing then it doesn’t exist. Their belief’s contradicts with Equality’s beliefs as a end result of he believes that the secrets and techniques of the earth aren’t for everyone but for these who seek them. Chapter Four

1.Equality’s new name Unconquered may be very fitting as a end result of Equality is a free willed character who hasn’t been conquered by the laws & ways that everyone is predicted to reside by, and doesn’t hearken to the foundations. Chapter Five

1.Equality’s major motivation in conducting his experiments is his hunger for data, and to be taught more of the times earlier than the Great Rebirth. He felt pleasure when he was conducting his experiments as a outcome of he was learning extra 2.Equality is thinking about seeing his personal picture as a outcome of he desires to know the way the Golden One sees him. Equality is starting to really feel the emotion of self-interest, and love. Chapter Six

1.The prisoners by no means tried to escape because they felt they deserved that punishment, they felt they owed being punished to their brothers. Another purpose they didn’t escape is as a end result of they were afraid of the results and punishments of attempting to escape. Chapter Seven

1.The real causes behind the council’s rejection and concern of the reward is: •They are afraid of going again to the old means of expertise and individualism, offending the council, and getting punished. •They wish to hold every little thing as easy as potential for people in order that they’ll depend on the council. 2.When Equality says “We are old now, however we were younger this morning” , he implies that now he feels more skilled, and has a greater understanding of things than he did that morning earlier than he escaped.

Chapter Eight

1.Equality is beginning to experience love and affection for the Golden One and he’s also feeling joy. Also since now Equality has turn out to be more dependent and has to hunt for his personal food and feed himself he’s feeling prideful. 2.Equality laughs when he remembers that he is “the Damned” because he doesn’t feel damned at all in reality he’s joyful.
3.In Anthem the Uncharted Forest symbolizes the unknown, and every thing that got here earlier than the Great Rebirth. Chapter Nine

1.While you are hopeful, curious, and wondrous different males aren’t. You are outspoken, and you are feeling satisfaction, different men aren’t. You are prideful, unbiased, and joyful, while other men are cowards, dependent, sorrowful, and they cringe in selflessness. Chapter Ten

1.The house that Liberty & Equality is a two story house that has a flat roof, and tons of home windows. It has one bedroom, a library full of books, a mirror, lights, and clothes. They discovered the house unusual and unique because it had a flat roof ,and only one bedroom, this is unusual for them because they’re used to sleeping in a room with 30 other individuals. Also the house had lots of issues that they weren’t used to and had never seen like windows, mirrors, totally different clothes, and a room full of a bunch of unknown books. Chapter Eleven

1.The nice uncover that Equality make is the word “I”.
2.Equality realizes that the right goal and objective of his life is to focus and stay for yourself and to not concentrate on others or stay for others.

Chapter Twelve

1.The primary characters Equality, and the Golden One take the names Prometheus and Gaea due to who in history these names characterize and because they read them in a e-book and didn’t know of another names. They weren’t allowed to have names in there old society as a outcome of having a reputation shows individualism, and makes you different from your brothers, and sisters. 2.In his future, Prometheus plans to raise his son to be an individualist and to make use of the word “I”.

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