Anthropology and Ethnic Boundary Markers Essay

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1 ) In what methods do you imagine you might see Ethnic Conflict – on a much smaller diploma – in your ain life? Do you see it in other peoples lives? 2 ) Can you place a few of the Ethnic Boundary markers you see in our ain civilization ( particularly microcultures ) ? Do these markers change depending the place you travel? Are these markers an excellent factor or a bad thing? What Ethnic Boundary Markers would you wish to see alteration? 3 ) How delicate is our ain state? Where do you see Cultural intolerance or Ethnocentrism? Do you see fragments of cultural stratification? four ) If Cultural Conflict have been to of all time “break out” .

in the U. S. what do you believe can be the chief causes specifically?

5 ) Topographic level your self within the places of an Anthropologist who’s taking a to the full emic assault to their Cultural Conflict analysis. Are the adversities involved worth the benefits that might ensue from the research? Is “the juice well price the squeeze” ? 6 ) Do you hold with Anthropologists who feel the demand to understate force inside Ethnic Conflict to be able to help impel the considered non-western stabilisation? 7 ) Do you hold with Anthropologists who feel that refugee cantonments are “part of the problem” ? 8 ) Do you believe our universe will of all time see an terminal to Ethnic Conflict?

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