Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off

Suggestions have been raised over the child benefits in United States. For example, Iain Duncan Smith’s suggested that child-related benefits should be limited to two offspring in a family. The fight against the child benefits aren’t justified as they are ill treated. The move should be encouraged as it has helped a good number of the families in the country, in addition limiting the benefit to only a handful (two) children in a family, it doesn’t really play the intended role in the society. Contrary to this, the government should be encouraged to continue with the child benefits program as it has been a gain to a big number of families. Despite the need to have family planning aspects among the people to control the number of children at each family, the child benefit from the government should still remain (Liz, 2014).

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Child benefit or better still child allowance is a social security payment distributed to parents, children or guardians which highly dependent on the number of children in a family. the child benefit has been effective in helping to support children from less advantaged families which has enables them access essential human needs such a education, food and such. The anti- child benefit campaigns should be shunned as the move is more beneficial to a good number of people and children in the society. Scrubbing the project would land more families especially the poor ones which cannot afford human basic wants. In other words it is the cash expenditure to families with kids not considering their parents income. The advantage amount may vary by the ordinal arrangement of the child, the age of the child, and/or the employment status of the parent.

In addition to being of great benefit to the families and children, the benefit helps with extra cost to the families on the extra cost of children. The benefit also includes benefits for women who are pregnant or who have just given birth. The benefits are also helpful to partners whose partners have given birth, people who adopt, tax credits among other benefits. The benefit is essential when one has a responsibility for a child or a young person. In addition to child benefit, there is also the child tax credit. The benefit is also intertwined with the guardians allowances as well as both are meant to help children below the age of 18. The redeployment of income from childless households to families with children, in appreciation of the heavier financial weight incurred by child-rearing (Liz, 2014).

Moreover, in order to enjoy the benefits of the child benefit, the benefiting families aren’t required to contribute any national insurance contribution and this in turn comes as gain to the poor families. In addition, the benefit isn’t offered to children who might be under the custody or in prison. In case of child death that was on the child benefit plan, the benefits continue to be given to the family for the next eight weeks. However, despite the benefit behind the child benefit payment, families should be encouraged to practice family planning in order to be able to raise the number of children whom they can comfortably support. The move is however, beneficial in case of calamities such as misfortunes and unemployment’s incase of the parents (Liz, 2014).

The child benefit has been beneficial and should be maintained in order to keep boosting the upbringing of the children especially in the financially unstable family. In addition, when the parents loose their jobs they still have the chance to provide for their children, such as food and education. The benefit for the program is numerous and they outweigh the downside of the program. This program is one of the government programs for the grants to the people which have gone miles in assisting less fortunate families financially. A good number countries offer higher benefits levels or supplements for children with disabilities. Family allowances and child benefits are viewed as an instrument that can foster societal cohesion and progress and in turn should be maintained. The benefits also help in strengthening labor force attachments in the country and hence shouldn’t be abolished. Last and not the least, the benefit helps in supplementing the incomes of poor and modest income families with children as a means of reducing or preventing poverty.

In conclusion, it’s clear that, the child benefit program is more beneficial to community, and in turn should be maintained. This means the anti-child benefit campaigns should be shunned as the program is of great help to the people.

Article (II) Student Behaviour

One of the driving forces behind the motivation of teachers in the school is the student behaviours. Badly behaved students are subject to putting off their teachers from the teaching profession. Teachers and school staff understands the changes encountered by students in school and provides them with relevant information and support needed. However, the dedication of the teachers and the staff depends much on the student behaviour and in most cases good behaved students encourages their teachers into the teaching profession. Contrary to this, badly behaved students and teachers are a discouraging factor to the teachers as they put them off from the teaching profession. It is ‘however’ true the student behaviour plays an important role in motivating and maintaining teachers into the profession. The survey is a true reflection of the teachers experience and the parent’s negligence in moulding their children’s behaviour (Jessica, 2014).

‘Badly behaved pupils and parents put teachers off’ was a survey conducted by Guardian Teacher Networks which shows that a good number of teachers have once in awhile considered quitting the profession. Student and parent’s behaviour are essential towards the teacher’s performance in schools. A good number of schools have issues in reference to student behaviours in recent years, which have become a vital problem in modern society. One of factors behind poor student behaviours is collapse of family functions such as divorced family, single parenthood, and children becomes isolated. This in turn leads to bad behaviour among parents and/or students, which de-motivates the teachers.

According to the survey, it is clear that, the student or the pupil’s behaviours directly influence the performance of the teachers. Bad behaviour among parents and pupils would negatively influence the teachers and in turn them off from the work. Students who develop behavioural problems from their families are a discouraging aspect to the teachers. It is believed that, pupils/learns important skills and knowledge such as morals and wisdom, which are normally learned from their parents. The survey shows that, the student behaviour is one of the driving factors behind motivated and dedicated teachers (Jessica, 2014).

One of the effects of bad student behaviour is that it interferes with individual and other learner’s behaviour. This turns to a challenge for the teacher, as the behaviour challenges day to day running and functioning of schools. In addition, the parents are not helping as much as they would in eradicating negative student and pupils behaviours, hence burdening the work of the teachers purporting them to consider leaving their jobs. Nowadays, the parents have become overprotective to their children. This has not helped at all in taming negative children behaviours and in turn, the burden is left to the teacher to mould the children’s behaviour. For example, an overprotected child expects special treatment at school is in for a frustrating time, which in turn may frustrate the teacher too. The frustration may overwhelm the teacher to a point of making the job dissertation choice. In addition, parents have developed negative expectations for their children which in turn instill negative or unruly behavior in children.

From the survey conducted, it’s clearly evident that, “If unruly behavior is not policed with proper boundaries and a culture of respect for authority at home, teachers cannot effectively implement discipline in the classroom. In addition to negative learner’s behavior, the interference from the government demands of the teacher. 50 % of the interviewed teachers named poor pupil behavior as the main reason behind them leaving the teaching job. The unwanted student behavior influences teachers attitude towards the teaching profession, and if the unruly behavior continues, it may force the teachers to quit the teaching job. Attitude provides a frame for reference for an individual’s conduct and conditions behavior. The creation of unfavorable attitude to the teacher, elicits a reaction of avoidance or aggression towards the job or the learners (Jessica, 2014).

In conclusion, it’s clear that, student and parents behavior towards the teachers as well as in the school plays a vital role in molding the teachers. The study reveals that, teacher’s motivation into teaching profession is highly dependent on the children or the learner’s behaviors. The parents are making the scenario worse by failing to support the teachers in the in order to change the learner’s negative behavior into acceptable ones. These demands and the stress accompanying the works force the teacher to quit. The survey, however suggests that “since its is disruptive children whose behavior is unchecked who miss out the most on their education. That’s why we want to make sure that teachers have more freedom to clamp down on persistently bad behavior without being hampered by bureaucracy, so that teaching time is not lost because of poor behavior,” and in turn prevent a stressing profession to the teachers. This would go miles in improving both the teachers and students performance in the school.


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