Anti-Natalist Policies In Bangladesh Essay

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Bangladesh. in south Asia. is among the world’s poorest states. In 1999. its mean GNP per individual was merely US $ 380. About 90 per cent of Bangladesh’s 129 million individuals are rural inhabitants and work in farming. The farms are bantam. averaging lower than one hectare. One tierce of farm staff are laborers who personal no land in any respect.

Despite its poorness. Bangladesh’s inhabitants doubled between 1970 and 2000. Since 1975 the Bangladesh authorities has tried to decelerate the speed of growing by advancing household planning.

which is portion of the anti-natalist insurance policies.

Its household planning programme includes:

– Torahs which have raised the age of matrimony to 18 for adult females and 21 for work forces

– help for full-time nation wellness employees who present a contraceptive technique service

– better well being look after feminine mother and father and their babes – merely when adult females are sure that their youngsters will last will they limit their households to merely two or three kids

– bettering women’s instruction – surveies have shown that the upper the degree of literacy among grownup females.

the less kids they have. because they do non hold enough clip to take consideration of their children if they’ve a full-time occupation

These insurance policies have had some success. In 1981. merely 18 per cent of grownups practiced household planning. however by 1995 this figure elevated to about forty five per cent.

As a consequence. the mean determine of kids born to each grownup feminine fell from 6 in 1981 to 2. 9 in 2000 ( see Figure 1 ) .

However. some obstructions to the credence of family planning still remain.

– Islam is the dominant religion and plenty of grownup females are governed by solitude.

This implies that they can non go forth place with out permission and must cowl themselves once they accomplish that. which makes it exhausting for wellness staff to succeed in grownup females.

– Despite authorities statute law. early matrimony continues to be common. Girls incessantly marry by the age of 13 and have their first babe inside a twelvemonth.

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