Anti-Slavery in United States

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14 December 2021

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Our great nation has come to a crossroads, fellow residents. Our destinies shall lay in the grasp of our hands, and I call upon thee to make the right choice. The righteous path, upon which this country was constructed – must be the only path which we take, for the sake of our children, and for our nation. For the trail of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be reached with the existence of slavery. How can a man be really free, when his fellow man suffers at the hands of another? How dare we call ourselves free males and free women – when tyranny lurks across the corner? The tyrant and the grasp are in league together – in this nation – and it’s this hypocrisy that infects the freedom and freedom at the heart of our nation.

All men are created equal. America was based on the ideals of liberty and independence. Independence, liberty and pursuit for happiness is an inalienable birthright bestowed to all human beings.

In accordance, the Declaration of Independence (Source D) states that “all males are created equal that they’re endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” and yet we proceed to build upon the exploitation, widening the recreant schism between ourselves. Enslaving individuals doesn’t subscribe to those core values that our nation claims to own. Slavery has brought great sin and degradation upon our nation. As Frederick Douglass as quickly as said, “Every slave is a stolen man every slaveholder is a person stealer.

” Would you trust a man who seems at one other with disdain only to turn round and deal with another particular person better? Slaves have been stolen, captured from their very own lives, homes, pals and separated from their household. Hence, on no account nor precedent makes slaveholding a justifiable matter in our country.

“Slavery has been taking a downward course for seventy years adding horror to horror, bloody statute to bloody statute, selfishness to selfishness, privation to privation, till the Anti-Slavery motion, from with out, has succeeded in turning the eye of the world upon the Slave Power, and restraining its course of unmixed selfishness” as remarked by Wendell Phillips (Source E).

Looking via the declarations of the past, or to those occupations of current time, the national conduct remains untouched. Our nation holds magnitudes that appear equally horrific and disgusting. Our nation is tainted with slavery, strengthening the oppression and hypocrisy that lies within it. I can’t be ignorant to the subject of slavery, however regard the tyranny in every kind, that of which promotes this hypocrisy and atrocity of rights. How might a person rightfully enable one other man as his slave, while subscribing to the Declaration of Independence? Would you trust your neighbour, the tyrant? Disregarding the truth that they maintain human instincts with absolute indifference and detachment to human life. In Frederick Douglass’ speech (Source C) he mentions, “Men and women, old and young,married and single, had been ranked with horses, sheep, and swine”, to which we see the dehumanising effects of slavery.

Thus, generational anger, hostility and prejudice is strengthened, sure collectively by the existence of slavery. Revolts have happened in antiquity – take the Romans for instance.

How can we declare ourselves a free nation when slavery still lingers in our waters and on our land? Hatred will permeate by way of our generations, strengthening the perpetuation of racial discrimination and segregation which will lead to generational racial prejudice. As Amos Lincoln says within the Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project (Source A): “Elisha Guidry he my master in slavery. He had a lot of slaves. He whip my pa plenty of occasions. He unwill’ to work. He whip my ma, too. ” This was abuse not unusual for slaves. This disgusting injustice and cruelty to which enslaved African- Americans are the fixed sufferer, fettered and seemed upon as properties, pressured to work in brutalising conditions.

Now, let me say, in conclusion, what has to be done? The reply is determined by whether our nation can observe the righteous values for the path of life, justice, liberty and prosperity for a higher future for our country, for the love of God and the generations to come back. To abolish this evil, atrocious and merciless side of slavery as a whole. Liberty and freedom is a proper for all human beings. As William Lloyd Garrison (Source B) as quickly as stated: “Be faithful, be vigilant, be untiring in our efforts to break every yoke and let the oppressed go free”. If not now, when? If not us, then who? Let us not leave extra work for the longer term generations. We mustn’t procrastinate on this. Hence, I call upon our nation to make the best determination for our country and its individuals.

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