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This paper explores the importance of the plot and theatrical parts of the good Greek catastrophe, Antigone. It discusses how although Antigone was written 1000’s of years ago it’s still important right now; it’s a play that each one can associate with ultimately. It likewise discusses my private reactions to the play: what I appreciated, what I didn’t like, and what I thought could have been carried out differently for the enhancement of the play.

Antigone was written because the last play in a trilogy of disasters. As one of many last remaining thirty-one plays from Ancient Greece, Antigone incorporates a plot and theatrical practices that were not solely valued and applicable in the pasts when it was written nonetheless that are likewise valued and applicable now.

In the play, Antigone breaks the law by offering her sibling a proper burial even though her king, Creon, has thought-about him a traitor. She is caught in the act, and, as her punishment, forced into a cavern where she’s going to starve and pass away.

Her bride-to-be, Creon’s boy, begs Creon to release her, but Creon is not going to. Just after the seer informs Creon that if he does not spare Antigone the Gods will take revenge does Creon go to Antigone’s cave to release her. Regrettably, Antigone has currently killed herself, subsequently has Creon’s boy, out of heart break.

The basic fashion of this play-to defend what one thinks is right-morphs because the plot goes on.

At first, we see Antigone: a young, sturdy woman doing what she believes is good (burying her bro) although she understands it’s against the law. Throughout the plot, she waits her alternative, even when confronted together with her own dying. She never stops defending what she thinks is right.

King Creon, however, begins off believing that not burying the traitor brother is correct, and anybody who defies his order ought to, rightfully, be put to death. He stands by this belief, even when the perpetrator is his son’s fiancee. But as soon as he finds out that the Gods usually are not pleased with is decision to leave the brother unburied and to punish the sister, his belief shortly adapts. His character and his belief of proper and incorrect modifications, displaying the second a half of the theme-what you consider is true might not always be proper, and you want to be prepared to deal with the results. These themes are a half of what makes the play related all through the ages.

Another a part of what makes the play related throughout the ages are the theatrical practices. Since it’s a Greek tragedy, there are some theatrical practices that are outdated or not utilized in modern plays, such because the Chorus. However, the language, costumes, units, lighting, and other technical elements used are simple sufficient that any theatre might easily produce this play. All they’d need to do is recreate the type of dress that was worn in Ancient Greece.

This play leaves fairly a bit to the imagination of the director, actors, and designers. For instance, it by no means describes the set in extreme, minute element. This menas that the designers can make the set look just about anyway they need so long as they persist with the final define of where the scene is happening. Also, it by no means describes the characters in minute element. This means the actors and administrators can painting the characters nevertheless they want so lengthy as they stay true to the characters personality.

As a reader, I very much loved this play. The theme is one that every one can relate to and be taught from. It’s carried throughout the play very nicely, making the lesson and overall ethical of the play straightforward to learn.

The solely thing that could have been done in a special way to make the play higher, in my view, could be to provide extra description of the set and characters. Then, the reader might image them better, however the actors could still depict them however they see fit.

Even though Antigone was written hundreds of years ago, it’s plotline and theatrical practices make it related and relatable at present. That is what makes this nice tragedy such a great classic.

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