Antigone Tragic Hero Essay

Most Greek tragedies had been based on myths and consisted of a sequence of dramatic episodes mixed with a refrain who commented on the dramatic action or analyzed the pattern of events. The role of a tragic hero was important to the tragic plays. Sophocles argues that a tragic hero is a character who possesses six specific traits. A tragic hero should be of noble stature, cannot be good, their downfall most be their fault, their misfortune isn’t wholly deserved, the fall is not a complete loss, and has an ethical purpose.

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Therefore, Creon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he’s of noble stature, posses character flaws, and his fall is not a whole loss.

Creon is the brother of Jocasta, who was the wife and mother of Oedipus, who was the king of Thebes. He becomes ruler of Thebes after the s of Oedipus’ two sons, Eteocles and Polynices in the current civil struggle. In his speech to the people assuring the citizens that order and security have returned to Thebes he says, “I now posses the throne and all its powers”(line 194, page 67).

This passage easily exhibits that Creon is the ruler of Thebes because it says that he posses the throne which is a possession of the king. This exhibits that Creon is of noble stature, which is doubtless considered one of the necessities of a tragic hero.

Throughout the whole play Creon displays that he’s imperfect. Creon is very stubborn in addition to ignorant, which finally ends up in his many problems all through the play.

In his dispute with Haemon over the fate of Antigone he says, % –show me a higher crime in all the earth! She, she destroys cities, rips up homes, breaks the ranks of spearmen into headlong rout. But the ones who last it out, the great mass of them owe their lives to discipline. Therefore we should defend the men who stay by regulation, never let some woman triumph over us. Better to fall from power, if fall we should, by the hands of a man–never be rated inferior to a lady, never (lines 751-761 web page 94).” The word % ” principally means “without a frontrunner.” He makes it sound as if he may be talking about Antigone.

Creon appears at as the unavoidable consequence when insubordination of the regulation is left with impunity. This excerpt vividly shows how Creon is very cussed and ignorant. He refuses to see that woman play a major function in society. He only views them as objects. He visions woman as a threat to masculine superiority and he’ll stop at nothing to avert this from taking place. His refusal to allow Antigone to go free in the end leads to the of his son and his spouse. This exhibits that Creon is imperfect, which can be one of the requirements of a tragic hero.

By the tip of the play, after the of his wife and son, Creon positive aspects some self-knowledge and learns from what he has done. After Creon learns of the of his wife and son he says, “Ohhh, so mindless, so insane… my crimes, my stubborn, ly— Look at us, the killer, the killed, father and son, the same —the misery! My plans, my mad fanatic coronary heart, my son, minimize off so young! Ai, , lost to the world. Not through you stupidity, no, my very own (line 1395-1400, page 124).” This citation from the play illustrates that Creon realizes that his stubbornness and foolishness is the purpose for all of this pandemonium. Creon now understands that his flaws resulted in his family’s . He then goes on to say, “Oh I’ve discovered via and tears (line 1405-1406, web page 124).” This reveals that he has realized his lesson so the of his family isn’t an entire loss as a outcome of now he is conscious of the truth that it is due to his stubbornness and stupidity that this occurred. This shows that Creon’s fall is now a pure loss, which is as properly, a condition of a tragic hero.

Creon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is of noble stature, posses character flaws, and his fall isn’t a whole loss. These flaws finally are what leads Creon to his demise and to the of his wife and son. In Antigone there were numerous themes. One of the themes is delight and its effect on the characters. Both Antigone and Creon are exceedingly proud, making it inconceivable for either one of them to back down as quickly as they have taken a place on something. This character flaw results in their downfall. In up to date occasions, we can relate this type of tragic hero to powerful figures like Donald Rumsfeld, who doesn’t waver from his positions till others have paid a heavy worth for his delight. Another theme is Moral Law vs. Human Law. This is proven when Antigone’s conscience influences her to bury her brother, which conflicts with Creons law of the state. It’s a call of whether morals should be placed above the human regulation.

A semi-modern instance of this can be seen in World War II where the soldiers had to determine between their morals or the choice of the state within the s of the Jews. The third and last central theme is the place of girl. This is introduced up several occasions in Antigone. Creon feels that woman are subordinate to men and should never be placed as excessive as males. This is also evident in current occasions as a result of even now girls do not have the identical opportunities as males do although women have come a great distance in just this century. There will all the time be tragic heroes in any society. They are often high-profile individuals who rise and fall within the public eye. Hopefully, these of us who watch their tales unfold can be taught from their experiences by debating the deserves of the selections a one-time hero made to render him/her tragic. The presence of a tragic hero is obvious in modern society as a end result of even now we now have people who are examples of tragic hero’s.

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