APA citation and zotero

         1. A general “res earch s hows” type of statement that is supported by at least three different sources (e.g., three research articles)

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Zotero is an extension of Firefox web browser that enables users to save on books, article and other materials on which one is able to retrieve their citations (Morton, 2011; Vanhecke, 2008; Lewis, 2008)

         2. A paraphrased sentence citing a single source with three to six authors

Zotero retrieve and imports citation information from a number of sources such as newspaper, and commercial Web sites, and Web-based databases such as PubMed (Trinoskey, Brahmi, & Gall, 2009, p. 225).

          3. A subsequent sentence citing the same source as in Step 2 that correctly uses et al

Air pollution is low in developed countries comapared to industrialised countries where it is high as evidenced by particular locations in Canada (Hystad et al, 2011, p. 1128).

          4. A short quoted passage that is cited correctly. Make sure to include the page number and place the punctuation correctly

He argues that, “Zotero’s note-taking feature is very practical. Users can enter small notes on a particular reference by simply typing in an input field. These notes are saved automatically and organized in conjunction with the citation information,” (Vanhecke, 2008, p. 275).

           5. A second quoted passage that is 40 words long or longer, which is formatted correctly as a block quote and cited correctly with the page number and punctuation placed correctly

He explains how Zotero note taking works: Zotero’s note-taking feature is very practical. Users can enter small notes on a particular reference by simply typing in an input field. In addition, Zotero is integrated with Microsoft Word and other word processors and works in all computers formats (PC, Mac, and Linux). Features such as formatted citation export make it very simple for users to create a list of references in the perfect format desired for a manuscript or other use. Users can create a reference list by dragging and dropping citations, (Vanhecke, 2008 p. 275)


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