Apes to Man (Reaction Paper)


Planet of Life: Apes to Man is narrated by Stacy Keach, introduced by Discovery Channel. A must see documentary relating to the Theory of Evolution. Originally produced for Discovery Channel, every episode covers a separate chapter within the biography of the world. This episode examines the evolution with using laptop animation. The movie talks about how apes like Lucy, who is known to be a 3 million 12 months old ape that walked upright or with two legs and revolutionized or grew and changed into one of many trendy women and men who populate the world in each continent, nation and city at present.

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The first stage in evolution is strolling upright or with two legs similar to Lucy did. The second is having the ability to speak or make different kinds of sounds. This is the cause of the straightening of the spine which permits the neck to observe for them to have the power to speak.


One hundred million years in the past, dinosaurs walked the earth.

They now not exist today because of the asteroids that hit their home and ultimately killed all of them. The earth, after some time, regained its life forces because some small creatures that got by way of the good tragedy that put an end to the period of the dinosaurs. One of these creatures that survived have been the purgatorious, certainly one of earth’s oldest primates that will have developed throughout the ages

A new era of animals rose to the occasion to a brand new beginning and to beginning a new type of living amongst the changed world round them.

One particular creature happened to explore and uncover new issues in its surroundings extra superior than others. In the late 18th century, Charles Darwin wrote a book known as “Origin of Species”. The guide was intriguing. People thought he was dropping his mind as a result of most women and men during his time had been very religious and actually close to God. They didn’t believe him until a staff of French-American researchers within the year 1974 discovered evidences of early apes.

But by that point I think Darwin’s unlikely associates and haters won’t be succesful of say it in entrance of him. The individuals who discovered Darwin’s inspirational proof referred to as it “Lucy”. Lucy is a three million year old ape and is the very first one to walk upright or with 2 legs as a result of based on the researchers she had broad hips like people do. Archeologists say Lucy walked like a contemporary pig mea chimpanzee and bonobo.

After a couple of a long time, Lucy got to the second stage of evolution. And that is having the ability to talk or make totally different kinds of sounds. This is the purpose for the straightening of the spine which permits the neck to follow for them to be able to converse and the remaining is history. What Lucy grew to become is what all of us are actually.


Evolution has actually helped and changed each particular person for the higher. It made us realize and understand how the actual world labored within the early ages and the method it affected all of us today. We are now the place we belong and that offers everyone the chance and the blessings they deserve.


Personally, I don’t consider on this theory as per the teachings within the Bible. There is not any contest to what the Bible says about us being formed in the picture of God. But, for arguments sake, and if I were to believe it, let me just say that Darwin could have misconstrued the information or the issues he has noticed based on the bodily and genetic similarities of man and apes. He based his findings on the truth that as a end result of apes had been in a place to stroll upright, we’re their descendants and from different scientists’ findings on the similarities of man and apes from completely different eras.

Other important human characteristics – corresponding to a large and sophisticated mind, the power to make and use instruments, and the capability for language added to the basis for his principle. Early human fossils and archeological stays supply crucial clues about this historic previous. These remains embrace bones, instruments and some other proof left by earlier people. Usually, the remains have been buried and preserved naturally.

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