Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

– Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction: involved with completion of civilization both via nuclear war, afflict, or another general disaster. Post-apocalyptic fiction is embeded in a world or civilization after such a catastrophe. The time-frame may be immediately after the catastrophe, concentrating on the travails or psychology of survivors, or significantly later, sometimes consisting of the type that the existence of pre-catastrophe civilization has truly been forgotten (or mythologized). Post-apocalyptic tales sometimes happen in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where just scattered elements of innovation stay.

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There is a substantial degree of blurring between this type of science fiction and that which deals with false utopias or dystopic societies. Dark fantasy: a subgenre of fantasy which might refer to literary, creative, and filmic works that combine fantasy with elements of horror. The term can be utilized broadly to discuss with fantastical works which have a darkish, gloomy atmosphere or a sense of horror and dread and a dark, usually brooding, tone.

Gnome, being of earth (gnomus).

He describes them as two spans high, very reluctant to work together with people, and in a position to transfer through solid earth as easily as humans transfer via air. [4] [5] Undine or nymph being of water Undines are almost invariably depicted as being feminine, which is according to the traditional concept that water is a feminine element. [8] They are normally present in forest swimming pools and waterfalls,[9] and their lovely singing voices[10] are sometimes heard over the sound of water. Sylph, being of air (sylevestris) is a mythological spirit of the air Salamander, being of fireplace (Vulcanus).

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