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What constitutes as training? The answer to this question is there is formal and informal training. Formal training is those programs that take place in an educational or training institution, with the goal of obtaining a certificate, diploma, or degree. A broader definition could also include structured activities that are not part of formal training and often referred to as non-credit on “non-informal learning activities”-usually called “ informal learning”- are not usually considered to constitute training per se, but they may influence participation by learners. The objective of trainings in my selected organization is based on its strategy to out beat its competitors through delivery of quality products in an on time delivery status and this is accomplished through informal trainings (Palameta, Meyers, Gyarmati, Voyer, 2014).

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The relationship between training programs design and capabilities are to recognize the purpose of the training program which is to help employees learn the skills needed to help the organization accomplish its strategies in meeting customers’ expectations of services and products offered by the company and to build on wealth for its shareholders. To design an efficient training program it is up to the trainer to establish what the capabilities of the organizations employees are to become effective learners and what changes in behaviors of employees contribute to specific learning outcomes, this would include, verbal information, which is recall of names or labels, facts and bodies of knowledge. It includes specialized knowledge that employees need in their jobs, for example in my selected organization which is a distribution center for Hon Furniture Manufacture, it is imperative that employees know the technique of using a scanner to scan product into location, label product for specific stops on delivery and stage those specific products in the correct loading zones.

All of these function rely on recall of information. Intellectual skills which consist of concepts and rules. This is important trait for employees to have for solving problems, serving customers and creating problems. In the Hon organization employees input and ideals are encouraged on how to move product in the most efficient safe and timely manner, employees are rewarded for ideals that best suit the companies day to day operations. Motors skills are critical for Hon Distribution Center as motors skill include coordination of physical movement, employees that are hired to do the job for the company must be able to left product in a safe manner and move product to different location within the facility and load product into specified transportation vehicles. All employees start the day with a trainer guided exercise before the start of work each work day. And are required to attend trainings for safe lifting practices each year (Noe, 2011).

Attitudes of employees toward the organization is important, it consist of the beliefs and behavior of each individual employee, It is important to the organization that each employee is recognized for hard work done and that the employee are given a chance to express thoughts and given feedback on work performance before the end of each shift. Employees are made to feel that their beliefs and thoughts matter to the organization and that they are not just considered workers for the company. Cognitive strategies relate to the process of learning, employees are directed during the learning process to relate learning material to the importance of being able to complete a job for the organization in the most efficient and safe manner and how to solve problems when they arise on the job (Noe, 2011).

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