Apple and employee motivation

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17 December 2021

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Ideally, Apple wants to have a office that fosters creativity from all the workers. Apple combines extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to be able to empower their employees to be innovative. There are quite a few methods Apple employs to encourage its workers. Once, Apple rewarded its executives by giving them a recognition bonus of 3 to five % of their base salary. This motivating incentive occurred even though they just lately missed their target on a project. This implies that Apple upper administration empathized with the group’s efforts.

Another motivating incentive is the discount on products that every one Apple staff obtain.

Employees who work at corporate Apple can obtain a free iPhone or iPod Shuffle. Giving products to workers somewhat than cash is normally a higher an efficient motivator as a end result of many Apple employees are merely motivated to see the end outcomes of their efforts. It can also be sometimes cheaper to offer the employees merchandise rather than a raise. Recently, Apple has given staff extra vacation days because of the company’s sturdy efficiency in product gross sales.

These are all extrinsic examples of how Apple motivates its employees.

Employee motivation additionally stems from the corporate culture. Most Apple staff are heavily committed to their work and could be described enjoying monotonous encoding. Perhaps it is even insightful to take a look at what intrinsic forces have been driving Steve Jobs. Jobs’ Stanford graduation speech indicates that he knew he had a limited time on Earth and this motivated him to observe his coronary heart and pursue his ardour. His ultimate motivation for creating progressive merchandise was not primarily based round profit but what would he would personally need to have.

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