Apple : Channel Distribution

Describe the channel strategy in place, give your opinion about its effiency and describe how to could presumably be in the 10 coming years. The firm Apple sells plenty of technologic and revolutionary items and providers, just like the well-known iPhone, iPod or Macintosh. The success of this agency is because of the innovation, an excellent communication, design, the benefit use, and in different hand due to the adapted channel distribution strategy. As we are able to see, Apple Products aren’t obtainable in every store, which sells mobile like Nokia, LG or Alcatel.

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The California firm control precisely the place the user can purchase an Apple product: In Apple store: it’s rare, only 17 in France.

In Apple website.
In chosen retailers (and their websites)

With their own retailer and own website, Apple is bound that the strategy is exactly applied. You have to enter in the « APPLE area », just like the « third dimension» to buy one of their product. It means the picture is very managed; the technique of luxurious and sweetness is omnipresent.

The seller in Apple retailer are very competent so it’s guaranteed that the target can’t have wrong features, and different mistake, most of the time passionate and consumer of Apple product. Apple store are very uncommon, for instance you just have 17 stores in France, this technique create a luxury feeling. You need to go on a famous metropolis if you need to discover an Apple store, like Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York… This rarity contributes to the legend of Apple, it make this product not a banal product, it make not a simple cellular, it give the sensation that it’s difficult to find one of them, like a rare product.

To illustrate it, we can use a French expression « fuis moi je te suis, suis moi je te fuis ». This strategy contributes to make a buzz when a brand new product is ready up. Such you haven’t few Apple store, the trading area is very huge, and all of individuals who need to purchase it in the first days must go on a uncommon Apple retailer like everybody in the identical big trading space. It’s create the well-known long waiting queue that media reveals you on newscast. But in fact if there is extra apple retailer, the queue shall be less long… Then the opposite success technique is a selective distribution.

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