Apple, IT and. The Specter of Sweatshop Labor

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2 December 2015

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Apple INC

         Apple Company has been in business for more than 40 years designing, manufacturing and market mobile communication and media devices and portable digital music players (Hitchcock, 2011). Apple markets a number of software and a number of networking solutions. Apple is the definition of new and advanced technology. They deal with a range products from music player; IPad, mobile devices; IPhone computers; Mac, television and business and personal software. Their products are distinctive and mostly preferred by an enormous number of customers. Their market base extends globally. Apple products are unique and are identified with their brand name and a picture of an apple fruit. Apple offers support for their products that operate on their internally designed software. Their products are well equipped with modern technology and designed to meet clients’ expectations and needs.

         In the modern world, technology dictates our day to day lives. A few decades ago, mobile phones were owned by specific few and mostly used for business. Today mobile phones are used for both personal and business activities. Phones are a sense of direction, communication and a friend to humanity. Apple products have a distinctive nature and a stratified class not owned by many.

         IPhone, a product of Apple, is a phone preferred by many abroad and locally. The nature of the phone is designed to operate and meets people daily needs. iPhone is beautifully made mobile device that combines a number of functions. iPhone functions as a communication platform, a digital music player and for internet communication. iPhone features range from communication platform, the internet net work platform, and entertainment. iPhone has a multi-touch user interface, web browsing, PC based email platform and is integrated with other window based computers. iPhone serves as an entertainment platform, integrated with iTunes libraries where one can download music, video clips, software and other application. The phone has different versions with various and advanced technology ranging from iPhone 1 to the recent Apple design iPhone 5 the latest version of iPhone. Apple offers support when it comes to iPhone with their online accessories compatible with thephone. The phone is a remarkable piece and appealing to the eye.

         Another distinctive product of Apple is the iPad. IPad is a product characterized by entertainment and internet communication. Some of the features of iPad include; music player, a platform for downloading music, video clips and software, web browsing and an email platform. Just like iPhone, iPad is also compatible with window based computers and also Mac range of computers; products of Apple. Ipad has touch user interface and ability to download music, photos, and video clips. Ipad enables people to connect with their applications in more friendly way. The device is both used for running personal errands and business activities. The friendliness of the device enables people of all age ease in using the device. Children prefer ipad since its compatibility with different variety of games, online and offline. Ipad has different versions with their latest fourth-generation iPad mini.

          Apple products have distinctive nature of the ‘I’ before their products is their original trademark and other features not found in many related technological devices, a beautiful structure friendly to humanity with their portability feature and remarkable service constituted with support system by the Company.

           The two key external factors affecting Apple Company are increasing completion from companies offering mobile, computer, tablets and television devices and international legal disputes. For many years, Apple has been the leading innovator when it comes to technological devices followed closely with their leading competitors. Microsoft has been the leading competitor of Apple for many years and set up their devices accordingly. Microsoft, the designers of widows based platforms, are the biggest rivals Apple when it comes to computers and tablets applications. Microsoft latest design of Windows 8 is increasingly threatening Apple domination of tablets application. Windows 8 comes with a designed app store a feature which was only evident in Apple line of tablets. This real completion for Apple and might turn out to be a catastrophe for Apple company. Widows’ app store offer varieties that are bad for business for Apple INC.

           Windows phones were also a big competition for Apple Company but recently Google has set up and surpassed widows. Google Android operating systems and Android line of phones are now the main competitors for Apple iPhone and operating systems. The market base for Android products is threatening Apple market base for iPhones and operating systems. Google recent development, of purchasing Motorola, is a big problem for Apple because of Google huge manufacturer of mobile devices. Another development of Google threatening Apple is their new design of home theater systems of Televisions partnering with Sony and Samsung Companies.

         The second critical external factor affecting Apple Company is continued international legal disputes around the world. Apple being the leading innovators for their line of products makes them be the hunted and not the hunters. One of their going international legal disputes is the ongoing co-wireless licensing patent lawsuit. Co-wireless licensing patent an ally of Microsoft is suing Apple for wireless patents. If the lawsuit were to go through, this would be a huge blow for Apple since most of their products operate on a wireless network.

          Apple is also facing another international legal dispute following claims that Apple purchased iPad trademark illegally. With their distinctive feature of their products starting with an ‘i’, this lawsuit could turn out to be a catastrophe for the company disrupting the flow of Apple tablet market share. These legal disputes are bad for business for the Apple Company and if they were to go through it could mark the end of the leading innovators Apple INC.

           Stakeholders in an organization include customers, employees, the entire community, suppliers and the business partners. Customers and the community are the key stakeholders in the success of an organization. Satisfied customers and the whole community lead to real business. Primary stakeholders affect an organization mostly financially. Primary stakeholders include shareholders, employees, and suppliers.

          Primary stakeholders contribute to an organization’s environmental risks that impact negatively on financial performance of an organization. For example, the lawsuit affecting Apple INC, are environmental risks facing the company as a result of the Company’s management decisions and employees contributions.

          Managing risks are also caused by executives of the company whole and poorly having in my mind that stakeholders are on their side contributing to financial problems. Management of an organization are the building blocks of a company and how they operate or run business affect the firm directly and reflect on the finances of the Company. Apple Company operates under a strict management and a no-nonsense leader.

           Inadequate participation of employees may contribute to poor financial performances. Pressure from the employees is evident on how a firm performs (Henriques and Sadorsky, 2007). Steve Jobs exact pressure on his employees and many consider him a tough leader; as Apple continues to record profits in their financial reports.

          Another factor that affects financial performance of an organization is the structure and working of an organization. Apples leadership under Steve Jobs who was very strict when it comes to the Company’s performance and does not take any incompetence from the employees lightly. Apple Company has a well-structured supply chain management that coordinates its suppliers, the operations of the organization and the customers. This coordination by Apple and its business partners ensures smooth operations in the Company eliminating possibility of registering loses.

          Labor practices are a controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with Apple. Apple has been accused of overworking its’ employees following recent speculations from two supplier shops in China known as Foxconn and Inventec. Media recorded that; workers in these Companies are forced to work long hours and are underpaid. In addition, they are forced to live on the premises of these Companies where they have to pay rent and other expenses from the little they earn from the Company. This has raised debates over Chinese labor regulations and whether it is entirely Apple’s fault of Foxconn fault. Apple continues to defend their reputation by claims that they uphold acceptable working standards (Ericka, 2008).


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