Apple vs Samsung devices

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18 December 2021

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Do you own a smartphone? If so, which brand did you purchase, and why? Yes I do have a smartphone. Usually I like all the manufacturers when it comes to telephones however my personal opinion is with apple. I am a really frequent consumer of all the apple merchandise and I really have most of them. The cause why I like all the apple products is they provide many amenities which brands doesn’t have like higher display quality efficient sound and so forth.

all this things attracts me in path of apple. And when somebody ask me about my selection I should say apple is the best as a end result of that is the one model which replaces the cellphone when the shopper discover some drawback in the phone. Other manufacturers just repair their phones however only apple replace the cellphone and offers a brand new cellphone right means.

Should apple introduce a decrease value iPhone to attract customers who usually are not prepared or in a position to pay a premium for an Apple device? Yes apple should introduce a lower price IPhone as a outcome of center class individuals know the means to run iPhone and so they additionally want to use iPhone but as a result of excessive cost of apple product they are not in a place to purchase apple units.

If apple introduce iPhone which price is low and easily inexpensive by middle class customers then everyone should buy iPhone, iPad, iPod simply. Moreover it’s a finest approach to improve revenue of apple organization by launching low value iPhone in developing international locations. Recently apple launches iPhone 5c which is low cost phone ever launched by apple company and expectation of apple from this product was very high however its outcome was antagonistic from its expectations and this telephone was denied by most people.

Do you assume apple can proceed to grow by growing breakthrough merchandise that create new market, because it did with the IPod, iPhone, iPad? Yes i do suppose apple can proceed to grow by developing break through merchandise that create new market, as it did with the IPod, iPhone, iPad as a outcome of is probably considered one of the greatest model within the telephone business and that’s the reason why peoples were too excited for the upcoming apple products.

How has Samsung’s global advertising technique enabled it to compete so successfully against apple? Samsung electronics mainly depends on market analysis. Samsung hire lot of worker who work in different country’s research center which give information about consumer choice, taste of client where as apple does not spend lot of money on market analysis. Moreover Samsung spend large money on product promotion, commercial. Samsung sponsors many big concert events, leagues in entire the world. Samsung regularly launch telephones in brief time period gap whereas apple solely launch one or two product in a year. Prices of Samsung merchandise are also affordable by every class of shoppers.

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