Application for women”s safety and safety


In today’s world girls are less secure and have many points relating to their security purpose. So, for his or her safety and security purpose we’re make Application for women’s and this Application also use Citizen for Health and Emergency objective.

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These days safety of peoples is essential thing in life, so the household want a complete observe of relations and monitor all of them time. This is bodily not potential so we introduce Woman and senior citizens tracking system which is useful for monitoring or monitoring on the earth.

Their security and safety objective we’re make Application for women’s and this Application also use Citizen for Health and Emergency function.

For the Senior residents one clicks medical doctors helps additionally obtainable.


  • Project Description
  • Project Profile
  • Hardware & Software Requirement


In today’s world girls are much less safe and have many issues concerning their safety purpose.

So, for their safety and security objective we are make Application for women’s and this Application additionally use Old people for Health and Emergency purpose.

Sometime old individuals miss their residence handle and they go far from their residence that point Old individuals use this software for safely go their home and also use for his or her health.

We try to contribute little efforts in the path of girls and old folks which is in a position to guarantee the protection and respect for them.


Android is a cellular working system (OS) first developed by a Silicon Valley company by the name of Android Inc.

A collaboration spearheaded by Google in 2007 via the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) gave Android an edge in delivering a complete software program set, which incorporates the primary OS, middleware and specific cellular software, or app.

Why Android?

Android is an open source project (led by Google however it doesn’t belong to them) called AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Google uses this project as a base to create its version of Android, which is then utilized by the other manufacturers.

As an OS, Android’s job is to act as a translator between you and your gadget.

Advantage Using Android

Multitasking –  Yups, Android telephones can run many functions, it means you can browse, Facebook whereas listened to the track.

Ease of Notification – Any SMS, Email, and even the newest articles from an RSS Reader, there will at all times be a notification on the Home Screen Android phone, don’t miss the LED indicator is blinking, so you’ll not miss a single SMS, Email and even Miscall. Easy access to hundreds of functions by way of the Google Android Android App Market. When you love to put in applications or video games, through Google’s Android App Market, Agan can download purposes for free. There are many 1000’s of applications and games which may be ready for obtain on Android telephones You.

Phone choices are numerous – Talk Android phone, it’ll feel “different” than the IOS, if the IOS is proscribed to the iPhone from Apple, then Android is on the market on mobile phones from varied producers. And each handset manufacturer also presents an Android telephone within the fashion of every, similar to Motorola with its Motoblur, Sony Ericsson with its Timescape. So You can freely select the Android phone in accordance with the “brand” favorite.

Can install a modified ROM – not glad with the standard view of Android, do not worry there are heaps of custom ROM that can be utilized in your mobile phones Android . Widget – absolutely right, with the widgets on the house display screen, you can simply entry a variety of settings rapidly and simply.

Google Maniac – If you are a loyal person of Google providers ranging from Gmail to Google Reader Android phone has built-in with Google companies, so you’ll have the ability to shortly verify e-mail from Gmail.

Architecture of Android


To make folks aware of this Application.

They use software is dangerous or not.

What kinds of characteristic on this application?

Which kinds of performance in Application?

In software engineering, an entity-relationship model (ER model for short) is an abstract and conceptual illustration of data. Entity-relationship modeling is a database modeling technique, used to provide a sort of conceptual schema or semantic data model of a system, often a relational database, and its requirements in a top-down fashion. Diagrams created by this course of are called entity-relationship diagrams or ER diagrams.

E-R Diagram mainly consists of:

  • Entity
  • Attributes
  • Relationships

An entity may be defined as a factor which is acknowledged as being able to an unbiased existence and which could be uniquely identified. An entity is an abstraction from the complexities of some domain. When we speak of an entity we normally communicate of some facet of the actual world which may be distinguished from different features of the real world.

An entity may be a physical object such as a house or a automotive, an event corresponding to a house sale or a automobile service, or an idea corresponding to a buyer transaction or order. Although the time period entity is the one mostly used, following Chen we should always actually distinguish between an entity and an entity-type. An entity-type is a category. An entity, strictly speaking, is an occasion of a given entity-type. There are usually many instances of an entity-type. Because the time period entity-type is considerably cumbersome, most individuals tend to use the time period entity as a synonym for this term.

A relationship captures how entities are related to one another. Relationships can be thought of as verbs, linking two or more nouns.


Data flow diagram is a graphical software used to explain and evaluation the movement of knowledge through a system-manual or automated together with the Processes shops the information, and delays within the system.

Data move diagrams are the central software and foundation from which other parts are developed.

The transformations of the data from enter to output via the Processes May be described logically and independently of the physical parts Associated with the system. They are termed logical information circulate diagrams.

In distinction, bodily data flow diagrams present the actual Implementation and the motion of knowledge between individuals departments and workstations.

The simple notations are simply understood by users and enterprise Persons who are part of the process being studied. Therefore, analysts can work With Users and actually involve them within the study of information move diagrams.

Users can make suggestions for modifications of the diagrams to More Accurately Described the enterprise activity. They can even look at the charts and spot Problems quickly so that they can be corrected before other design work begins. If issues usually are not found early in the improvement process they will be very difficult to right when they are observed. Avoiding mistakes early May even prevent system failure.

Data flow evaluation permits analysts to isolate areas of curiosity within the institution and research them by inspecting the information that enter the method and seeing how they are changed when they are modified after they depart the process. As analyst gather acts and particulars their increased understanding of the process leads them to ask questions about specifications of the process which results in still extra investigation as the world of investigation is damaged into successively decrease degree details until all the essential components and their interrelations could be understood.

Data move diagrams are utilized in the same way. They are developed and used progressively from the general to the precise for the system of interest. The data circulate diagram covers all the processes and data storage area, which takes place throughout any transaction within the system. The data move diagrams are functionally divided into Context degree (Zero level) and First stage information circulate diagrams.

Symbols used in DFDs:

  • Process: Here move of knowledge is transformed. E.g. Registering Student, and so on.
  • External Entity: A supply or vacation spot of knowledge which is exterior to the system. E.g. Principal Etc.
  • A data flow: It is packet of knowledge. It may be within the type of doc, letter etc.
  • Data store: Any retailer data but with no reference to the bodily method of storing.


A use case diagram within the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a kind of behavioral diagram defined by and created from a Use-case analysis. Its purpose is to current a graphical overview of the functionality offered by a system when it comes to actors, their goals (represented as use cases), and any dependencies between those use circumstances.

*The main purpose of a use case diagram is to indicate what system features are performed for which actor. The roles of the actors in the system may be depicted.

*Interaction among actors isn’t shown on the use case diagram. If this interaction is essential to a coherent description of the desired behavior, perhaps the system or use case boundaries ought to be re-examined. Alternatively, interplay amongst actors can be part of the assumptions used within the use case.

Use cases

A use case describes a sequence of actions that present something of measurable value to an actor and is drawn as a horizontal ellipse.


An actor is a person, organization, or exterior system that plays a role in one or more interactions with the system.

System boundary boxes (optional)

A rectangle is drawn across the use instances, referred to as the system boundary field, to point the scope of system. Anything within the box represents functionality that’s in scope and something outdoors the box just isn’t.



  • Women and Citizen Get Quick assist from the Application.
  • They are straightforward care for about.
  • They are freely going any ware.
  • They are Get Quick assist from Doctor and Police.


  • If Network concern occur, they can’t ship present location.
  • If cell information off they can’t see location of Doctor and Police.


  • We are offering Emergency CALL Button on Lock display.
  • We are offering to ship low battery message to added Emergency Number.
  • We are providing to ship Emergency message near police Station.

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