Applying theory to follow in social work


The problems are then positioned so as of importance to the family and by agreeing on manageable tasks, often no more than three tasks, goals are made to attain on each task together. This could be agreed within the type of a written or oral settlement. The duties could additionally be by the household themselves to realize, by the social worker or by involvement of other agencies and all these choices are made jointly with all parties.

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There are deadlines set for every step or task and there shall be regular critiques to encourage, reward the family on how they are progressing and achievements they are making for themselves or there might have to be modifications made and re-negotiate the tasks as the family’s needs may change and in addition some flexibility on the agreed deadlines.

One attainable task that they may decide of importance is encouraging Jameela’s independence and social inclusion which could probably be achieved by setting up a neighborhood primarily based day care centre, along side other professionals, for elderly Punjabi residents to attend for social networking and potential day by day respite care which in turn will give Farah a break from caring, which could also be a precedence that the family decides upon.

Task centred follow promotes partnership working and the independence of service users.

It promotes them to learn and enhance abilities by building on their very own strengths and also helps them to mirror on the truth of their lives and relationships. It doesn’t look for causes or apportion blame on any family member for his or her problems but empowers them by giving them the chance for change and offers them choices on info on providers and sources which are obtainable for their family wants.

It appears at their strengths as particular person folks and their social networks and promotes their involvement locally. Healy(2005)

(c) Values and oppression An ethical dilemma in this situation is the conflicting wants of Jameela, who holds essentially the most power which is having a negative effect on Farah, who has the least energy. The British Association of Social Workers,( BASW,2002,four,1,3) code of ethics says that we should always promote someone’s autonomy providing it doesn’t conflict with the rights of others. So there’s a have to empower Farah by giving her knowledgeable decisions on her rights as a carer and participation in the total decision making process and what she want to occur.

There is the potential for an additional imbalance of energy assuming the social employee will be white and as the service customers are Punjabi, an ethnic minority in Britain, this in turn may have the effect of oppressing them in our society as they could be at a disadvantage by not being ready to know the means to access support providers as a result of communication difficulties, their own cultural norms and values might prevent them too and trigger embarrassment for them to seek help with family problems. As a social employee it is important for us to apply in an anti-oppressive method and to not discriminate.

Using Thompsons(2006) Personal, Cultural and Structural(PCS) mannequin at the personal degree: the social employee needs an consciousness of her own values and beliefs, to hold these in examine, so they don’t lead to assumptions concerning the family’s beliefs and values and influence the therapy of this family or permit unconscious discrimination in opposition to them. This requires the social worker to be non-judgemental, to be respectful and not enable our personal private values to cause discrimination and prejudice in opposition to any particular person.

At the Cultural level: It is essential to bear in mind of the cultural values, beliefs and customs of this family and to not impose westernised values on this family additionally the language and communication difficulties must be addressed. At the structural level: to vary and possibly problem society to provide more equality for this family, to supply services for them as in a day care centre and to inform them of the supply of the services or their use.

It is extremely necessary that the social employee values the distinction and cultural identification of this family empowering them by accepting them, giving them equality and the chance for them to have selections in their lives.

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