Appropriate Classroom Behavior

Behavior is a selection, and a teacher’s role is to aid students when studying to make good selections.

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Inappropriate behavior just isn’t acceptable. It should be followed by negative consequences and therefore be discouraged. When the teacher responds to completely different behaviors, either optimistic, or negative, it teaches the student something.

School is a place where students are given the chance to study and obtain an schooling in addition to socialize. Part of the educational process is interplay, however, it should only happen when the time is suitable.

Being in the classroom must be thought-about a privilege. That privilege should solely be given if a student’s conduct does not intrude with the ability of the teacher to teach successfully or the power of different students to participate in classroom studying activities.

Consequences must be given to particular person students who choose to interrupt the teacher’s lesson or distract others. A whole class should not be punished however should be conscious of how that behavior was not right.

The conduct that happened last Friday was not acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

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