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Aqualisa Quartz

In the targeting market, we tend to target plumbers and end customers (Middle to excessive income) as a end result of a lot of the finish customers are instructed by the plumbers. The others would possibly buy from showrooms. Therefore, we have to focus on them as properly Positioning Statement.

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To middle-high revenue clients, Aqualisa Quartz is a high premium bathe model which come beneath mixer shower category that gives high quality and newest innovation as a result of Aqualisa Quartz has advantages in water strain, ease of set up, use and design.

HOW 12775 comes

This number is come from the fact that case study states that unit bought of Quartz is between 30-40 models per day. So we take the mean which is 35 models and times three hundred and sixty 5 days. Therefore, the unit offered per year is 12775.


The drawback for Aqualizer is that Plumbers are lack of expertise and innovation of Aqualisa Quartz. Moreover, most buyer choices depend on plumbers. Second issue is the bad expertise of electronic shower that customers and plumbers had.

The last major problem is that model notion towards Aqualisa Quartz from Customer may be very low because prospects do not understand the worth of Aqualisa Quartz and the group of solely excessive revenue clients (Current target) is type of too small.



However, the product, price and place will remain the identical, because Aqualisa quartz is a new product and latest progressive shower so the features and options are the most improvement on the time (Temperature management, ease of installation, design, water stress and usage).

Another reason that we maintain the price to where it is, Aqualisa Quartz is a premium model so the price ought to be high to stay brand picture. Moreover, the corporate invested a lot for R&D and wanted to realize profit margin to break-even. And for the locations, usually plumbers will purchase from commerce store, and end customers will buy at showrooms. Therefore, the prevailing channel is already effective and environment friendly. From the case (Exhibit 6), trade retailers and showrooms can generate 470,000 models per yr. This exhibits that the 2 places are powerful to promote the merchandise of Aqualisa.


Our first technique is to go after impartial plumbers by providing product orientation events by calling plumber to attend the coaching and provides 150 pounds because the compensation. This will satisfy and make the plumber attend as a result of they do not lose the revenue when they attend our coaching. The orientation shall be held each 3 months changing by geography. We will acquire Plumber data from Database from APHC – Association of Plumbing & Heating. The capability for one assembly will be one hundred seats per group. The causes we make one hundred seats is because we believe that the bigger the sample the upper chance of product reaching success. Another stategy is to create trustworthy of Aqualisa Quartz from current customers to new clients. Opinion leaders will persuade the model new prospects and also build the confidence within the current users that the digital bathe (Aqualisa Quartz) will last long and never have any problems just like the early electronic showers by guarantee the satisfaction by referring the remark from opinion leaders (from showrooms).

The third technique is the use of award will help communicate value of Aqualisa Quartz and construct the customer relationship with the brand. By doing this, the corporate could increase the brand new target group from solely excessive to high-middle earnings. This would segmented by the earnings per year. If we could make the middle revenue group believes that it’s price for them to spend on our product, gross sales per unit would dramatically increase since this group is even bigger than the high revenue and better value perceived as nicely. Aqualisa Quartz already has the commercial about the merchandise so all they should do is to specify the useful points of the product, and also current the prize of Aqualisa Quartz to tell the goal who has the middle earnings as nicely as those that has excessive earnings.

Goal defense

Quartz is a consultant of the premium product beneath the brand Aqualisa, and the models sold are decrease than the expectation of the Rawlinson (30-40 as an alternative of 100-200 models per day). If we are ready to sell extra, it’s going to generate overall sales a lot and potentially increase the market share.

Problem defense

According to the case, plumbers would like to go for the familiar merchandise which they’ve much experience. If there is any downside after installation, plumbers are liable for the fixing costs. Therefore, they avoid attempting new product they are not familiar with. Moreover, the share of plumbers influencing customers’ choice is more than 50% which is resulted in they don’t suggest Quartz to the customers. Another cause is that in year 1980, there were some producers who launched digital showers, and the merchandise were not profitable because of the poor design and the failure of the utilization. After that, it created skepticism towards something that is electronic. That makes each customers and plumbers refuse Quartz.

The third purpose is that Aqualisa Quartz solutions all the options that the right showers ought to have in terms of water strain, secure temperature, design, ease of installation and innovation. Even although the price is type of high the center income can afford Aqualisa Quartz as properly seen from the revenue information (15,000-30,000 pounds per year). For the problem of worth notion, the evidence was in the year 2001. Quartz was awarded within the Bathroom Expo as a high prize for the explanation that very beginning of the Quartz but folks didn’t know this information. Therefore, the sales of Aqualisa Quartz are lower than the expected units.

Solution defense

The Conducting of orientation meeting will domesticate the notion contained in the plumbers’ mind. The content material of the meeting shall be about the ease of the set up, and to point out the comfort of the digital capabilities of Quartz. In truth, Quartz’s installation period is ¼ of the other competitive merchandise. It is the profit that the plumbers can do multiple job in a day. It can definitely guarantee the increase in sale. To demonstrate, we will definitely achieve 12% of plumbers out from 10,000. These 12% of plumbers will generate sales four instances larger than current gross sales.

How many amount of sale would generate by plumbers

12% *12775= 1533 ( 12% comes from 1200 that attend in meeting for the whole three years) 1533*4=6132 ( four comes from four times faster set up which implies faster installation will lead to higher sales) As a end result, we can get the sale enhance about 74% of the objective which enhance the possibility of success. From the case, clients and plumbers do not belief the shower with electronic system (Aqualisa Quartz included). They will not use this kind of merchandise because they have bad experience with the electronic bathe earlier than. If Aqualisa can show them that the issues have been solved and the Aqualisa Quartz truly works. Some of the plumbers and prospects are keen to try it.

Because the gross sales from present room are pretty strong (about 20% of the total sales) we can refer the comments from the real users and present them to the potential target teams. That would make them really feel more confident to attempt our product. In conclusion, Aqualisa Quartz was awarded in the expo but prospects and plumbers do not discover. The problem is about the value perceived and belief. Therefore, this award can assure the standard and assist with the value that is the awarded brand. We can do it by attaching the detail of award into the communication to make customers discover the “cleverness” and “elegant design” of Quartz.

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