Are Humans Too Dependent on Computers?

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21 December 2021

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When you first consider the word “Computer”, you probably consider a laptop or desktop Computer, but there are many other different kinds of computer systems. For instance, the smartphone in your pocket is a computer; your pill on your desk is a pc. The possibilities are countless, but do you think our reliance on these electronics is getting somewhat out of hand.

What does Computer mean?

A pc is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations primarily based on instructions supplied by a software or hardware program.

Application of computers in our lives.


Computer is a very efficient device which can be utilized for teaching and studying, result processing, pupil knowledge processing, question preparation, handouts and note preparation, and so forth. and likewise on-line schooling. Many universities provide online training by way of web. The learning materials are packed in CD-ROM with interactive multimedia. The CAL (Computer Aided Learning), CAI (Computer Aided Instruction), a number of alternative examination paper, result processing are carried out via internet.


Different types of entertainment fields such as multimedia, movie making with animation, graphics, audio and visible design are accomplished with the assistance of pc.



GPS or Global Positioning System. This know-how used to be a navy secret which was utilized to covert operations. When the technology was launched to the masses, it was a revelation. Commercial planes, leisure sports activities that require location and different positioning purposes reap the advantages of GPS. Portable GPS techniques was a separate device and a bit costly, now smart telephones and cars have inbuilt GPS.


When was the last time you determined to name somebody simply to talk or have a conversation for hours? Most of our distant interactions today are accomplished by way of textual content messages, emails and through online messaging apps and platforms. Some folks hate to confess it, but there are times that it’s quicker and easier to simply use emoticons than to actually say the phrases they represent. It could be annoying to the receiver although, because they will think that you’re too lazy to even sort the things that you need to say. Another thing that is quick disappearing is compassion behind these artificial representations of human emotion by way of chat platforms. Try calling somebody. You may even take pleasure in it!

Finding Answers

Years in the past, you needed to bodily go and spend time in the library to look for particular books to get your particular solutions to your particular questions. Now we now have Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and different knowledge-based web sites. Plus, there are millions of reference books that are scanned and transformed to a digital format and uploaded to the web.

Google, the popular search engine, has made the method of discovering answers very easy. But still for lots of, nothing beats the feel and scent of buying for a model new book and studying it wherever you please.

Signs That a Person is simply too Dependent on Technology

Technology is a wonderful factor and there’s no doubt that we’re at present living within the age of technological advancements. It ought to come as no shock that simply about each aspect of our lives are now evidently becoming depending on these complicated devices. There isn’t any question that such high-tech gadgets have enriched our lives and made everything straightforward. All the benefits are there and we are reaping the advantages, but all too usually we overlook the negative effects of know-how dependency. Below are a few of the indicators of technology dependency.

  1. No Internet, No Work
  2.  Using Calculators For Simple Calculations
  3.  Ebooks
  4.  You Don’t Remember Phone Numbers Anymore
  • Advantage of relying on computers
  • Computer has made a really important impression on society. It has changed the lifestyle. The use of laptop technology has affected each area of life. People are utilizing computer systems to perform different duties shortly and simply. The use of computer systems makes completely different task simpler. It additionally saves effort and time and reduces the general cost to finish a particular task.
  • People are using computer systems for paying their payments, managing their home budgets or simply having some break and watching a movie, listening to songs or enjoying pc games. Online services like skype or social media web sites are used for communication and information sharing purposes.
  • Computer can be used as a great academic device. Students can have entry to all kind of data on the internet. Some great web sites like Wikipedia, Khan’s Academy, Code Academy, Byte-Notes provides free sources for students & professionals.
  • Moreover, the computer is being used in each area of life corresponding to medical, enterprise, industry, airline and climate forecasting

Disadvantage of depending on computers


  1. Different duties are performed routinely by using computers. It reduces the need of individuals and increases unemployment in society.
  2. Wastage of time and power:
  3. Many folks use computers with out positive objective. They play games and chat for a protracted period of time. It causes wastage of time and vitality. Young generation is now spending more time on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on or texting their friends all night time by way of smartphones which is unhealthy for each research and their health. And it additionally has adverse results on the social life.
  4. Data Security:
  5. The data saved on a computer may be accessed by unauthorized individuals through networks. It has created critical issues for the data security.

Privacy violation

The computers are used to retailer private information of the individuals. The privateness of an individual may be violated if the personal and confidential information are not protected properly.

Health risks

The improper and extended use of pc can ends in accidents or issues of palms, wrists, elbows, eyes, necks and back. The customers can avoid health risks through the use of the computer in proper position. They must also take regular breaks whereas utilizing the computer for longer time frame. It is beneficial to take a few minutes break after half-hour of pc utilization.

Computer Crimes

People use the pc for unfavorable actions. They hack the credit card numbers of the folks and misuse them or they will steal necessary data from big organizations.

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