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The Right to Bear Arms

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Is the right to bear arms needed for U.S. citizens today? Should we have the right to retaliate if other freedoms are seized? Should we have the right to hunt? Should we have the right to protect our belongings and families? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you probably believe that we do need protection, hunting, and other freedoms that are vital. First, U.S. citizens have the right to protect themselves. For example, robberies and other crimes occur every day and people are entitled to protect themselves. If we don’t have the right to bear arms, then gas-station cashiers would not be able to protect themselves and the money in the cash register. Another example is that if someone breaks into your home to steal from you or hurt you, how are you going to protect yourself and your belongings? The police take too long to get to your home, so we need our right to bear arms! While it is important to protect ourselves, it is also important to hunt. It has been a source of food since the beginning of time. Unless hunters are able to use guns there will be less food on the table for many Americans. Hunting is also a sport and a hobby to many Americans. Teenagers, adolescents, and young adults are always complaining about being bored. Hunting is an important activity to this age group, so the government does not need to take this away from U.S. citizens. While protection and hunting are very important, it is also important to remember that when the government takes one freedom they can also take others.

In fact, once the government seized our right to bear arms, they could take away our freedom of speech. We would not be able to retaliate if they took our right to bear arms, so they would have full power and dictatorship over all U.S. citizens. Another freedom the government could take is our freedom of religion. It would be easier for them to control how we did everything, because we can’t do anything about it without guns. Finally, these three reasons are excellent reasons for why I support the right to bear arms. All of these reasons are proof for how we would not have much freedom at all without the second amendment. Our ancestors put this amendment in the Bill of Rights for many reasons, but these are just a few. Even if you don’t support the right to bear arms, these reasons could persuade anyone to support it. Protection, hunting, and freedom of speech/religion for American citizens are the reasons for why I support the second amendment.

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