Area of study: Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story. Shakespeare pinpointed this play with drama and suspense to make you drool. This play will fill your face with tears. This play is full sorrow. Love is the focus of this play, which studies between the two lovebirds Romeo and Juliet.Romeo and Juliet is an excellent play. This play is set in the 1600s and is written by William Shakespeare. This play symbolises a tragic love story, which two families that are foes and enemies who by likelihood don’t get along, till Romeo meets Juliet and they both fall in love.

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But issues won’t ever be the greatest way the place the families do not get an extended in order that they have a plan. A plan that is devious and very untruthful. The couple get married and faux dying. But their plan doesn’t go to plan. In the beginning of the play it additionally states the couple will die.

William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare was baptized April 26, 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England demise April 23, 1616.

William Shakespeare was an English poet, dramatist, and actor, usually referred to as the English nationwide poet and regarded by many to be the best dramatist of all-time. Shakespeare occupies a place unique in world literature.

From Shakespeare, William, Romeo and Juliet probably the most advanced murals amongst these early performs of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet are far extra than “A play of younger love” or ” The world’s typical love tragedy.” Weaving collectively a lot of associated impressions and judgements, it’s as a lot about hate as love.

It tells of a family and its residence as well as properly as a feud and a tragic marriage. The public life in Verona and the private lives of the Veronese make up the setting for the love of Juliet and Romeo and supply the background towards which their love could be assessed. It isn’t the deaths of the lovers that conclude the play but the public revelation of what has occurred, with the admonitions of the prince and the reconciliation of the two households.


The scene I will be analysing is Act three scene 5. This scene is an emotional scene for Juliet and a scene where the viewers and readers see and realise that the daddy (Capulet) has a very temper, because he gets very offended.

Romeo is in Juliet’s bedroom, now they have to be separated.

The birdsong they hear comes from the lark, the first fowl to sing in the morning, and the light in the east heralds the rising solar. Romeo should sake his life by escaping to Mantua. The lovers farewells are interrupted by the nurse, warning that lady Capulet is looking for her daughter. Romeo climbs down the balcony and Juliet, standing above, imagines that she sees him, ‘as one dead within the backside of a tomb.’

Juliet’s mother is cold and un-sympathetic, she does not understand her daughters grief, after all, and naturally assumes that the tears are for Tybalt. Juliet’s words deceive woman Capulet, but their which means is obvious o the viewers when she speaks of her anguish an her longing to the man who murdered her cousin. She speaks politely to her mother, addressing her formally as ‘madam’ and your ‘ladyship’ and appearing to be pleased about the promised “day of joy” that is so unexpected. But when she learns of the character of the celebration, Juliet forgets all her obedience and good manners. The means is a shock; obstinate refusal to marry Paris is the only attainable response.

Juliet’s father enters. His own misery at the dying of his nephew turns to sympathy with what he believes to be Juliet’s grief and sorrow instantly turns to rage when he learns that Juliet has refused the offer of marriage. He bullies and threatens, cursing his daughter and swearing on the nurse.

In a storm of anger he leaves the stage. Leaving Juliet very distraught and in a confused scenario. After Capulet leaves, lady Capulet say’s “do as thou wilt” and it’s like they’ve disowned Juliet in only a mater of seconds, when all Juliet did was refused the proposal.

Juliet looks for consolation from the nurse. The nurse tells Juliet to marry the county Paris. Juliet is even more in frenzy, and doesn’t know what to do! She needed consolation from the nurse, for which she did not get, and now Juliet is completely alone.

This is effective in a way that it exhibits that Juliet is in a really distraught time in her life together with her cousin death and now her forced to Paris, when she is already married to Romeo. This half is effective as a end result of that is when each factor went wrong, it’s because Juliet goes to friar Lawrence, who give s poison and then each factor was mistaken. If this scene did not take place there wouldn’t be Romeo and Juliet at present, and it wouldn’t have caught all this media attention and with this play going worldwide is an extremely huge accomplishment for Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet are remembered for the suffering the lovers had confronted and all there hardships that took place, additionally the feud between the two families, Capulet-Montague’s.

This scene is extremely important for the understanding of the play. This is the scene that leads to Juliet going to get the poison. Romeo and Juliet would be lifeless as a result of this. But if this scene did not happen, which it would have happened eventually, Romeo and Juliet would still be alive.

This scene is the primary level of the play. It is like the climax. It is the time when Juliet confides to the friar, because of this, she takes poison. If this scene wasn’t in the play then, then every little thing can be perfect, however it is, which means that Romeo and Juliet would die. In the beginning of the play we are literally advised that Romeo and d Juliet would die. But through the play we utterly overlook that, and assume oh what is going to occur next, when close to the ending and the lovers are collectively dying you then bear in mind and perceive. Although we are told from the primary page the ending of the play.

I shall be analysing a few points from the film Romeo and Juliet, directed and produced by Lurh Mann. Romeo and Juliet is a film, which was, acted out by Leonardo Dicaprio, and …………… this particular film, which we watched was launched on the finish of the nineteenth century.

Act three scene 5 is an emotional, as well as a contented scene. The scene portrays lady Capulet as being a drunkard. It also portrays Capulet as being cross. Capulet infuriates over the scene where Juliet refuses the marriage proposal to the county Paris.

Need to include the impact the scene had on me – due to the director’s decisions.

The scene is set In Juliet’s bedroom. The camera angles ought to be on Juliet, as this impact will show us her reactions and her emotional aspect. The bedroom is supposed to be a personal house, but her dad and mom simply go in her room and intrude with out knocking. This is a sign of Juliet’s mother and father ownership of her, and that they make all the selections for her. The mother and father do as they please and Juliet must obey to their orders.

A line that has a lot of that means is,

“How now wife, have you delivered to her our decree?”

This line is spoken by Capulet. It is a proud entry. The father expects Juliet to be pleased concerning the proposal. He also thinks he is aware of her mind. The future son in law (Paris) is a noble man. It is nice deal and Juliet ought to be pleased about it, which she isn’t, as a substitute she is shouting and getting into hysterics, not to neglect emotional, and begins to cry and shout. At this point the digicam ought to be close up on the father (Capulet) in order that we are ready to see his face and his reaction/response to Juliet. But on the similar time we should always have the power to see Juliet’s face so the camera ought to be switching between Juliet and Capulet.

There are a number of points about lady Capulet, which should be mentioned,

“Ay, sir”

Lady Capulet is respectful. She isn’t considered as equal in regards to Capulet.

Also, the mother speaks quite negatively to her daughter.

A point that is spoken by the mother is spoken quite rudely. It definitely isn’t something joyful as this reveals the connection between them.

“I would the idiot be married to her grave”

This is an instance of dramatic irony.

Lady Capulet speaks of marriage. This has an impression on Juliet as she is already married to Romeo, which suggests dying in the lengthy run for both of them.

Capulet is infuriated and speaks of anguish as he tries to understand his thoughts over the reality that, Juliet has refused the proposal. He thought she would be pleased about it, which she isn’t. In the play, Capulet says,

“How now, how now,”

This reveals that he is confused. There are query marks, and brief sentences which Capulet speaks of, this exhibits the fathers confusion. Which in a while adjustments, as he gets indignant. The camera angles should be on Capulet.

Juliet appears to be struggling as she speaks to her mother and father about this marriage to Paris, which they have made, without her consent.

Juliet Is very upset as she begins to shout and cry as she speaks her lines. Juliet Is already married. So this may be a big downside for her, and her relationship with Romeo. What should she say? There have to be many issues going via Juliet’s mind at this level, for instance,

Who is Paris? Why did they ask me?

Juliet can also be trying to stick up for herself, however on the similar time not being rude.

In this era, now, within the twenty first century the child would be shouting at their mother and father and talking back, and really being rude, whereas Juliet is pondering before she speaks and insuring her tone of voice and the issues she says does not give of a nasty vibe that her dad and mom may think she is being impolite. Infact nowadays the parents wouldn’t be partaking within the child’s life, by making arrangements about their child’s marriage. There are less forced/arranged marriages nowadays. Except in third world international locations where there is a lack of recourses, for example, water, food famine. Things like these, so parents have problems with daughters so eliminate them. Getting their child-married means there’s a burden gone beneath them and people days thinking what lets feed them.

This scene is set in Juliet’s bed room. Juliet can be wearing pyjamas, on high of that a gown. The mother and father ought to be dressed as the spouse a dress, and Capulet a suit. The nurse must be carrying one thing flimsy, with an apron.

Capulet’s body language exhibits that he has plenty of energy. It exhibits he has control of everything, together with Juliet’s life. I know this because, on the time when Juliet refuses the proposal of marriage, Capulet gets in a rage. He states that he will disown his daughter Juliet.

“How now, how now, chop logic. What is this?”

This reveals he has management, and wants Juliet to obey him. He begins to turn out to be angry at this level. He turns more and more scorching and frustrated, similar to the nurse had spoken of.

Camera angles must be changing back and forth amidst Juliet and Capulet because the conversation is with each them both, faces and in addition body language ought to show expressions that the viewers can relate to, where they’ll see what the character is feeling. Juliet must be crying, and Capulet ought to be pink within the face and shouting at Juliet, his expression must be angry, with clenched fists. His fists are clenched as a end result of considered one of Capulet strains while shouting at Juliet is that he needs to hit her.


This film is a good massive tragedy of affection. Romeo and Juliet both die aspect by facet. They each loved each other oh so dearly, yet they could not live fortunately together. (A massive fault of each the households.) If solely there was no feud. But without this feud and hatred in course of each households, there could be no tragic love story.

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