Argument Paper on the Safety That Comes with Seat Belts

Seat belts are intended to minimize back accidents by stopping the individual that is using it from hitting the hard interior things of the car or other passengers also by stopping the passengers within the mid part and next to the motive force seat from capturing out of the car’s windshield. There had been many accidents where the driver or the passenger had not worn their seat belt and because of that they had undergo extreme accidents. They had severe accidents that they would have to be hospitalize for weeks and even months.

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In my opinion I feel that it is mandatory, that the passengers and the drivers wear their seat belts.

Its not for our benefit its for the protection of them. Seat belts are nice safety devices in automobiles at present. They save about 9,500 lives every year, but solely forty eight p.c of the drivers have their seat belts buckled. More than 60 percent of the drivers are killed in fatal crashes as a result of they didn’t buckle their seat belts in 1996.

Most drivers say that they drive rigorously, but that doesn’t mean the individuals in your lane on the highway drive rigorously. I really feel like that its necessary to put on your seat belt. It does not even take that lengthy for someone to put on his or her sear belts.

I strongly feel that individuals who don’t put on their seat belts ought to get ticketed as a end result of it’s their safety we try to protect. Even although that a seat belt penalty is simply about 50 dollars and a pair of factors, people nonetheless don’t wear their seat belts. As if this penalty isn’t enough. I feel that the penalty must be extra then 50 dollars because if we’ve a legislation for you to follow that’s meant on your security it should be more, because like I said it’s a law for your security. Wearing your seat belt is very important as a result of a lot of the Traffic crashes are a leading cause of demise within the US for people for individuals who don’t wear their seat belts.

More then half of the people who had been killed in 2000 because of not sporting their seat belts. “We must be allowed to ruin our own lives, but we shouldn’t be allowed to damage the lives of others. So, sure, it’s tragic when somebody dies as a end result of he refused to put on a seatbelt, however it’s much more tragic when a reckless driver kills innocent folks. ” Exerted from http://www. cause. com/news/show/32805. html I want you to think about in case your son or daughter went to a party where they’d alcohol, however your son or daughter decided to not devour any alcohol because they were going to drive home.

They did not wish to get into an accident. Unfortunately he or she determined not to wear her seat belt as a end result of she or he thought that there were no vehicles and he or she didn’t see the point of it. He or she thought that it was safe outside as a outcome of it was late and there ought to be very few automobiles on the road. She or he thought it that nothing may happen as a outcome of he or she only lived a few blocks away from the get together. Unlike your son or daughter some children did consume alcohol. They received in a car however despite the actual fact that they did devour alcohol and they have been underneath the influence of it they did bear in mind to put on their seat belts.

The driver wanted to beat the yellow light and needed to drop house his friends quicker. He also thought that there ought to be very few cars within the roads and decided to go for it. Unfortunately by the time he got to the sunshine it had turned red and he still went to cross the purple mild. Meanwhile your daughter or son was crossing the same intersection and there was a big collision. Your son or daughter rear was hit exhausting and the automotive spun around and hit a tree. Your son or daughter then was projected out the windshield and into the sidewalk. The intoxicated diver and his passengers were all injured however not as extreme as your son or daughter.

Your son or daughter would have to be within the hospital for several weeks or even months whereas the intoxicated youngsters would go residence with a quantity of cuts and bruises. Most of this might have been averted if your son or daughter would have been smart and would have been sporting their seat belt. It is in my interest that adults and particularly teens ought to be carrying their seatbelts. A seat belt is usually called a safety belt the purpose is because the seat belt is used to prevent most extreme injuries, which I even have just explained that would happen to anybody even those you love.

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