Argumentative Essay on which Computer System is better Macintosh or PC


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This paper goals to supply nicely offered argumentation as to what laptop methods is healthier Apple or PC?  This paper may even present some information and figures and likewise announcement and articles from reliable sources that may support the argumentation relating to what really is the higher laptop system PC or Apple.

Argumentative Essay on which Computer System is healthier Macintosh or PC


            Most firms and even pc users at residence are nonetheless discovering finest deals for computers in the Markey.

  Deals that not only would reply their needs when it comes to price, which is all the time the highest most priority, second is efficiency and lastly is compatibility has been constantly been being talked about.  Whether it’s Apple or PC prime producers and distributors like Dell, HP, IBM or Toshiba, there will all the time be one which will be n top of this battle.  But, it’s all the time essential that for some users, it’s not always price that issues, most particularly for the enterprise, efficiency and adoptability or compatibility to laptop methods is all the time the principle criteria, like as an example methods that runs in the company, could have been developed and tested utilizing an apple computer systems and would by some means encounter some irregularities if run in PC or the other way round.

  But these days stress testing are now conducted in order for any system to be nicely adopting the “multi-system” ideas in order to remove the problem concerning compatibility or just workability of the system to completely different pc systems, whether or not it is Apple or PC.

Which Computer System is Better Apple or PC?

            Currently, Apple is gaining in numbers however nonetheless PC’s with its dominant manufacturers Dell and HP are still on high of the chief board.  Most of the experts would say that to ensure that Apple to dominate the market, there are lots of adjustments as nicely as effective advertising strategies that must be done.  The primary reason is that Apple, is at all times behind with Dell and HP and sometimes it has close battle with Toshiba and IBM, this is almost about worth of its hardware, whether or not PC or lap tap.  Like in the case of laptop and PC’s, each Dell and HP are just exchanging position on the top, where HP Dell has dominated the first 3 quarters of 2006, while HP been the superior brand within the last quarter based on unit shipped worldwide, with HP getting eleven, 687 ort 17.4% while its shut competitor Dell has 9,385 or 13.9% and Apple not even included within the top 5, the highest three to fifth had been Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba.  Both of the company additionally supplies a very aggressive pricing scheme, patrons may even purchase a laptap that solely value just under 500 USD, in contrast to in Apple, the bottom worth remains to be more than a thousand USD.  Even most high class market knows how high quality are being put in every Apple merchandise, nonetheless affordability is important as a end result of that is the only method you can entice clients and have a wide choice of preferences that they’ll purchase.  If Apple will continue to be contented with this example, it will be harmful in the sense that if these customers have determined to shift from more advanced PC with a lot of advantages; the company will undergo a lot.  In quick, give attention to worth and continue to innovate their product is the main key, not to mention the effective marketing technique as nicely.  This only exhibits how the future competitors might look like, if solely Apple will concentrate on facing the competition in a really aggressive and open minded strategy, it’ll have a lot of future, most particularly it already has an excellent variety of loyal clients that is aware of how high quality apple could have.  But for the PC manufacturers like Dell HP and Lenovo, there are nonetheless a lot of avenue to proceed to maintain its supremacy in the PC market, and this can be carried out the identical means as offering consumers a wide range of choice of products which caters to a great numbers of different users and most particularly looking after the fee factor will simply make their product continue to be strong and be properly appreciated by its patrons and future consumers as properly.  (Gartner Says Hewlett-Packard Takes Clear Lead in Fourth Quarter Worldwide PC Shipments and Creates a Virtual Tie with Dell for 2006 Year-End Results, 2007).

            The query now lies on, how Apple can survive and may the company focus more on new private digital units corresponding to I pod and I telephone.  Also ought to the firm enable its system to run on each apple and laptop system?  For Apple to outlive in opposition to its prime and really aggressive competitors like Dell an HP, the corporate should focus on either of two things, first, it’s more on buyer consciousness, how many individuals like even a metropolis who maintain an Apple PC or laptap, fairly a number of, what is the cause, it is either not familiar about it or they can’t afford it.  So with that, the technique is more on offering info to the general public most especially market outside the US, like the very troublesome Asian area, it’s like letting the public to know that the product is that higher than the other because of so many features, like construct in and secured OS and it’s upgradeable, inbuilt packages, support, etc.  Just to spotlight just the important ones.  Or have the battle upfront by also introducing new products that are not that prime for the basic public but the high quality should not change, probably measurement may change.  We all know that Apple is thought within the US, which most of its loyal clients are located, however the only drawback was Apple did not penetrated nicely in some other areas, and this is the one that made the PC giants Dell and HP has in opposition to Apple, PC’s are tremendously appreciated outside the US, the place you probably can see very few people used apple, and this has been giving PC a dominant share out there.  The company should additionally provide a greater advertising strategy if it decided to proceed to stay with having the same product, by letting the users to know their benefits or strengths in order for the customers not to actually give consideration to the fee however they may see it more on the performance.  For PC’s, then again, must continue to make used of the massive market share by anticipating a big competition ahead by not only focusing on the price and letting performance be a problem.  PC producers must look into sturdiness and performance as properly to be able to compete well and to stay on prime.

            But based mostly on latest development, Apple starting to surge extra as it was publicly announced  by the administration headed by their CEO Steven Jobs.

“The Macintosh has lots of momentum now,” stated Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s
chief govt, in a phone interview last week. “It is outpacing
the trade.”1

This assertion was confidently introduced by the company CEO after two analysis companies that handles the computer markets mentioned that Apple will move up to third subsequent to Dell and HP bases on product cargo in the US.

“I’m quite happy with the tempo of latest operating methods every 12 to 18
months for the foreseeable future,” he mentioned. “We’ve put out major
releases on the average of one a 12 months and it’s given us the ability to
polish and polish and improve and enhance.”2

            In this assertion, it was the CEO Steven Jobs, who was also very constructive in addition to confident that the release and selling of the brand new Leopard model of its OS X operating system would anchor a schedule of upgrades, which main objective is to surpass its main competitor Windows OS. This only reveals that Apple is making an enormous stride in the market by concentrating on the market by bettering the performance of its operating methods and even committing to proceed in doing it for whole year spherical is a serious one, as nicely beginning to be strengthen its market by increasing its distribution in the US. (Markoff, John, 2007).

1 Markoff, John. As Apple Gains PC Market Share, Jobs Talks of a Decade of Upgrades. (New York Times, 2007) par. 4

            2 Markoff, John. As Apple Gains PC Market Share, Jobs Talks of a Decade of Upgrades. (New York Times, 2007) par. 7

            So how PC and Mac must do to popularize their merchandise to the users.  for Apple example to focus more on their operating system and their advertising strategies nonetheless, what is required is aggressive advertising technique that ought to go on to all possible distribution companions globally, like Asian region, where its market was very weak, with competitive advantages given to them and be capable of prepare to have somewhat dive within the profit will nonetheless be fantastic, simply to make the product be available to the general public and never simply to play secure and simply relying on the regular advantages that their loyal prospects is giving.  Another is that it should create an excellent PR technique via catchy and informative advertisements all throughout tri-media as nicely as the internet.  By doing these, again it should focus on the client consciousness on the benefits and strengths of Apple towards others.  With this approach there is no method for Apple to go down as a substitute it’ll improved its market share in addition to its revenues.  For the PC manufacturers and sellers, with the power to target new market like in phrases of cellular gadgets can be a great plan to introduce available within the market, since Apple, is gaining recognition on this line of merchandise, in addition to persevering with to be aggressive by method of balance attack on value and aggressive marketing strategy will be enough to maintain its dominance over Apple if appropriately utilized.


            In this paper it clearly reveals that PC is still on high of the competitors against Apple laptop techniques.  This is due to the truth that PC pc methods have dominated the market when it comes to its distribution which was reflected in its shipments, particularly in the US.  The PC’s has additionally proven price affordability for its patrons, each when it comes to laptaps and even in desktop computer systems, the place Apple has been selling it higher than the highest PC brands like Dell and HP.


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