Argumentive Essay: Smoking Tobacco Should Be Illegal

How many instances a day do you walk via a cloud of cigarette smoke? According to the CDC, 14 out of every a hundred American citizens smoke tobacco merchandise daily. Even although these adults know what it’s doing to their bodies, they nonetheless continue to smoke. That is why I imagine smoking tobacco must be unlawful.

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1 Corinthians 6:19 says, “What? Know ye not that your physique is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” The Bible clearly states in the verse above that our physique is our temple and must be handled as a temple.

Smoking a cigarette is like going right into a temple and burning the within. Christians can be in utter dismay to know their temple had been burned by a Christian. We as Christians must preserve the body God gave us to use till we’re reunited with Him. Think about how God feels figuring out that you’re willingly destroying the physique He gave you to make use of to His glory.

Secondly, many scientists have proven that smoking will increase your chances of lung most cancers, heart problems, and a lot of more undesirable medical problems. If that is now common knowledge, why do we nonetheless proceed to allow one thing that is poisoning our our bodies to be bought and distributed? The CDC says of their web site that one out of each 5 deaths in the United States are linked to smoking. That means that by making tobacco illegal, we could be saving 20 out of each 100 lives each year.

So, why are we willingly giving ourselves cancer?

Furthermore, smoking additionally has repercussions on those that choose not to smoke. Secondhand smoke can have detrimental results in your well being with even one occurrence. Second-hand smoking caused roughly four hundred toddler deaths yearly. Why does the United States government not put a cease to smoking whether it is hurting our youth? Smoking round others may give them respiratory infections in addition to different severe diseases that could require hospitalization. So, each time someone smokes a cigarette, they are endangering the lives of different people. It can be like letting somebody and not using a driver’s license drive a car in a crowded metropolis. What do you suppose the result would be?

In conclusion, I imagine that smoking tobacco merchandise should be illegal within the United States not just for the people who smoke themselves but the security of others. If the federal government decides to ban the smoking of tobacco, they may have my full support.

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