Arnold Friend

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4 March 2016

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One of the big mysteries In Joyce Carol Oates’s “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?,” Is Arnold Friend the devil or not. Arnold Friend portrays the devil in many ways. In the story, Arnold friend is the devil, he went to Connie’s house and tries to get her to go for a ride with him and his friend Elli Oscar so, he can rape and kill her. Arnold Friend is none other than the devil himself, which shows in his appearance, his speech, his actions and supernatural psychic powers. Arnold Friend’s appearance is the main reason people think he is the devil. His hair is not natural looking “He placed his sunglasses on top of his head, carefully, as if he were indeed wearing a wig”. His hair is shabby and all over his head like he is wearing a wig to hide his devil horns. Arnold Friend’s eyes are another thing that is devilish. Arnold Friend’s eyes are very weird looking “He took off the sunglasses and she saw how pale the skin around his eyes was, like holes that were not in shadow but instead in light. His eyes were chips of broken glass that catch the light in an amiable way” Arnold Friend’s eyes look very weird as if he was some sort of demonic being. Arnold Friends other devilish characteristics include his nose and neck.

Arnold Friend’s nose does not seem to be natural “The nose long and hawked-like, sniffing as if she were a treat” . Arnold Friend’s nose is not human like which means it must be the nose of the devil himself. Arnold friend’s neck is so different form a human neck “Even his neck looked muscular”. Arnold Friend’s neck seems to be the neck of a muscular animal which is a devilish characteristic which makes Arnold Friend the devil. In conclusion Arnold Fiend represented the devil because he was nothing, but trouble. His first words to Connie were “I’m Gonna get you, baby.” That can also represent Connie’s sexual desires because she continued to converse with him and seemed interested for the most part. He was there purely for sex and Connie was hesitating, but couldn’t resist his manipulation. You could also tell he was demonic because he knew a lot about her and walked in a really creepy way. He was evil because he threatened to hurt Connie’s family which caused her to get inside the car. Arnold Friend also knew things about Connie that only she could have known. He knows a lot of information about Connie, and he tells Connie what her family is doing at that same moment like some sort of psychic demon.

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