Arranged Marriages: Women for Sale

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25 December 2021

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Argues that organized marriages have two related cultural aspects. One is where one of the associate, normally the girl, is compelled into marriage and has not given their consent to enter into the connection. Whereas, the opposite is the match making process where third events choose spouses for the marrying brokers. The analysis claims that not sufficient consideration has been paid to the varied points that limit the marital alternative for ladies and discusses policies and legalities which may be slowly coming into place to battle arranged marriages.

This analysis paper is useful for my study as it’ll help clarify that arranged marriages are most likely a product of cultural factors and pressures and should be battled with relevant legislations for a similar.

This analysis paper identifies the assorted cultures the place organized marriages prevail. The research paper argues that many households use their daughters and women to be married off to rich families and as such consider their girls as tradable items.

The paper claims that arranged marriages are prevalent in most cultures inflicting issues especially for girls, stealing their rights and causing them physical and psychological injury. This research paper is useful for my research as it helps in outlining the causes of organized marriages in most eastern cultures and the concept of dowry as means of bettering a particular family’s financial condition.

Batabyal and Beladi conduct a comparative evaluation between love marriages and organized marriages to discover out the more fascinating of the two sorts of marriages. The research states that jap type arranged marriages are most popular over love ones if the time taken for a marrying agent to find a partner of their choice exceeds the time taken by their nicely wishers to find a spouse for them.

This paper thus claims that the choice making process between organized marriage and love marriage largely is determined by the anticipated time of discovering a spouse by the agent or the well-wishers.

This analysis paper is useful for my research research because it helps break down the notion that every one arranged marriages are compelled ones. Moreover, it will assist me in explaining the role of education that has allowed marrying agents to face a clear alternative between opting for an arranged spouse or selecting one themselves. It will also spotlight the choice making process involved behind organized marriages.

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