Art and Identity

Theme | Describe which theme the aesthetic work could match into, e.g. Art and Identity. Explain why and how your alternative displays the key ideas from the theme you chose.

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Art and Space, Art and Identity, Art and Everyday Objects, Art and Society

Describe | Make objective observations about what you see.

Analyse | Consider the most vital design ideas that were used in the aesthetic work. Describe how the artist used them to organise the elements.

Interpret | Express your opinion about what you assume the artist is trying to say by describing what it means to you, how it makes you are feeling or what expressive qualities the piece has.

Judge | Provide an evaluation/opinion of the aesthetic work based on research and understanding.

Resources | Consolidate your sources utilizing the Harvard quotation style. Refer to the library’s quotation information available at

The art piece I am about to cowl, fulfills the qualities of the theme artwork and society. The artwork piece was painted through the early World War 2 and thus depicts the scene in that current time, displaying the attainable tensions.

This portray affects the society because it might change the best way individuals think about marketplaces, especially during war. You would assume the market can be a spot the place it’s secure away from soldiers, nevertheless that’s not the case in the course of the war.

Marketplace in the course of the occupation is an oil on canvas painting and it was painted by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo in 1942 (National Gallery) This portray, as its title suggests, depicts a scene of a market during the occupation.

This can be seen by the stalls, Japanese soldier, flag and banner in the background. There are additionally people present both as stall vendors or customers. During 1942, World War 2 simply broke out and I would imagine this may be the scene we would have witnessed if we have been current there (Andrew Knighton, 17 November 2017). The total mood from this painting is a little complicated as a result of the individuals look happy and cheerful however I believe that it may be rather tense. I consider that it could be tense as a end result of, why would a soldier be patrolling at a market when it is a place the place individuals would get their day by day wants.

Fernando has used completely different hues of neutral colors for the background and used cool colours as a contrast to make the folks at the entrance stand out. He has additionally used mild to brighten up the entrance of the painting and darken the again of the painting. Brightening the entrance of the portray suggests to me that there might be daylight, and darkening the again of the portray suggests to me that there is shade the place they’re at. He gave texture to the clothes folks were sporting by showing creases you’ll normally see in real life. He additionally paid particular consideration to the straw hats and head scarves persons are wearing, presumably indicating the place is hot. He painted the background with lesser element as compared to the center of the painting, permitting the attention to be largely centered at the heart. Fernando used oil paint which include lots of pigments which make the portray last longer and extra vibrant.

This portray stands out to me due to all of the little particulars. At first glance, you’ll assume it is just a normal market with people just purchasing their wants, however upon closer inspection you’ll then realise that it was in the course of the Japanese Occupation. The little details embody issues such as the Japanese soldier, the Japanese banner and flag within the background.

It makes me really feel like the folks have no freedom and are being watched over and controlled, even though the folks depicted are joyful. I assume the artist created this artwork piece to perhaps let people of the long run really feel or think about what the society was like through the Japanese Occupation. Additionally, this painting also relates to me once I was youthful. My grandmother would at all times deliver me to a wet market to get recent foods once in a while and the smells weren’t always nice. I am positive that there are people with this identical childhood, and this painting would permit them to relate and think again, similar to the means it allowed me to.

This artwork piece is unquestionably an interesting one, because it manages to seize the chaos that’s typically seen in a marketplace while additionally depicting it within the Japanese Occupation. However, I think it could have been done better. Not that I could have, however I believe that since this was through the Japanese Occupation, I assume the artist could have paid more attention to the people’s expression. I consider if I was at that market in the course of the occupation, I would be feeling apprehensive or scared as I wouldn’t know what would happen or what may occur the following minute.

Overall, the effect given to the audience may range. If someone survived the Japanese Occupation and noticed this portray, it might relate to them more than somebody who has by no means heard of the Japanese Occupation. Surviving the Japanese Occupation, seeing this painting may remind them of the sufferings they endured. However, when you have by no means been through it and only heard of it, this painting could set off some thoughts about the way it was like through the occupation.

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