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Arthur Miller builds up tension for the audience by skilful use of dialogue, entrances and actions. By discussing one or two examples of each, from Act Two, say how he does this. Though ‘The Crucible’ is ready in opposition to the background of the Salem witch trials in 1629, it reflects the McCarthy anti-communism trials of Nineteen Fifties America. The residents of Salem (Massachusetts) had Puritan beliefs and were very spiritual. Due to their sturdy Christian beliefs, there was an excellent fear that people could type compacts with the satan and so they even believed witchcraft and supernatural events really existed.

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Arthur Miller describes the mass hysteria which hit Salem to establish to the audience the weak, narrow-minded personalities of the characters, by their peak of paranoia and stage of anxiety. This obvious breakdown in Salem’s Puritan social order led to the tragedy that saw nineteen harmless people hung on the accusation of witchcraft.

Arthur Miller brings out the absurdity of the incident within the play, which is expressed by way of the struggles of the main character, John Proctor.

Elizabeth Proctor has been ‘cold’ towards her husband, which has tempted him to have an affair with their servant Abigail Williams. Abigail has fallen for John and needs him for herself. When she is discovered dancing with some of her pals within the forest, it’s advised that they’d been tempted by witchcraft. The women take this chance to accuse ladies from the village for performing witchcraft. Act two starts at a really tense a half of the play, when Elizabeth finds out she has been accused of witchcraft by Abigail.

Throughout the play it’s evident that Arthur Miller uses dramatic strategies to construct up rigidity for the viewers. At the start of the act that is portrayed clearly within the row between John and Elizabeth, through the use of imagery and dialogue. Elizabeth: “Then go and inform her she’s a whore.” The use of the word ‘whore’ brings a crude picture within the thoughts of the audience. This kind of language wouldn’t have been used in a Puritan society, which instantly positive aspects the audiences attention. Proctor: “I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder in hell.” The fury and warmth of John’s phrases increasingly become dynamic because it expresses his anger. The threat makes the audience image hell and it hyperlinks with the hatred and rage John feels for Abigail at this level in the play. The argument is built to a climax through the intensity of the dialogue and the anger expressed.

The row between John and Elizabeth involves a sudden end by the dramatic entrance of Reverend hale. “Quite abruptly as though from the air a figure appears in the doorway.” This surprising entrance adds to the excitement of the scene, and will increase the suspense. Proctor: (still in shock) “Why Mr Hale! Good evening to you, sir.” By using the word ‘why’ we will clearly see that John is shocked and acutely embarrassed to see Mr Hale, as a result of he has just arrived when the argument was at its peak. The suspense mounts quickly, because the audience are curious to understand how much of the argument Hale has heard. In addition they might also be questioning what brings Hale to the Proctor’s residence.

The timing of Giles Corey and Francis Nurses’ entrance is ironic because they seem with the news of Goody Corey and Rebecca Nurses’ arrest, simply as Reverend Hale is interrogating John Proctor about his belief in witchcraft. Proctor: “Rebecca’s in the jail!” The tension rises dramatically, as a result of Rebecca Nurse one of the pillars of society who is a very faithful Christian is accused of witchcraft. Elizabeth: “They’ve absolutely gone wild now, Mr Hale!” We can clearly tell that the characters are genuinely shocked as a end result of we aren’t positive just how many arrests or accusations have been made, nonetheless we do know that they are growing at a horrifying pace. The pressure is constructed right here as the sense of hysteria will increase. This makes the audience concern what dangers are going to come back subsequent and they’re literally on the edge of their seats.

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