Assets and Liabilities

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3 January 2022

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Possession is a product of value owned by the company. Properties could be concrete i. e. those which have some physical existence or can be intangible i. e. which do not exist in physical kind but can be held in the sort of contracts or rights. Assets are normally organized so as of liquidity (ease of conversion to cash) on the stability sheet. Cash is for that reason essentially the most liquid of all possessions. Possessions could be classified as:

Present Assets

Those properties which are anticipated to be remodeled to cash in 12 months or much less.

This may be in the kind of money, accounts receivables, inventory for producing items and so on.


These are the financial investments which the company make in other business in the kind of equity purchase, bonds etc.

Fixed Assets

A set property is one that’s held for the operate of producing or supplying items or providers and not on the market in the regular course of service.

They are likewise known as long lived/ long term properties and are sub-classified as following:

a. Home, Plant & & Equipment

These are tangible products having bodily existence and might be seen and felt.

b. Intangible Assets

They haven’t any bodily existence and rather symbolize legal rights with concerned financial advantages.

Natural Resources

These embrace oil, natural gasoline, minerals and forests. Liability is something which a company owns to individuals or organisations aside from its owners. Liability is a present accountability emerging because of some previous transactions and settlement of which is anticipated to lead to future transfer of properties (may be within the sort of cash) or performance of providers.

Normally, liabilities may be categorized into two sorts primarily based on when they’re due:

Any liabilities or outgo of a cost which is to be made within the regular working cycle (normally subsequent 12 months).

Also often known as the brief term liabilities, this sort includes the funds that are to be made to suppliers/vendors i. e. commerce payables, short time period loans, worker salaries and so forth. Current Liabilities can additional be categorized into

a. Definite Liabilities – Can be determined precisely

b. Estimated Liabilities – Also known as Provision, this is a liability of unsure time and quantity.

Any debt of a company which extends for greater than a year will be categorized under long term liability.

This may include long run bonds issued by an organization, notes payable, pension obligations etc. We can also classify legal responsibility on the idea of safety obtainable to the creditor in case of default.

  1. Secured Liability – It is backed by a pledge, hypothecation or mortgage of borrower’s particular asset in favor of creditor. In case of default, creditor proceeds to settle the dues by promoting the property.
  2. Unsecured Liability – This is incurred primarily based on the borrower’s common credit standing, and the creditor has authorized claim solely towards the borrower’s internet property.

Apart from above classifications, another type of liability is Contingent Liabilities. This is defined as:

  • Possible obligation that arises from previous events and whose existence might be confirmed solely by the occurrence or non-occurrence of a quantity of uncertain future occasions not wholly within the control of entity.
  • Or a gift obligation that arises from past occasions but just isn’t recognized as a end result of it’s not probable that an outflow of sources will be required to settle the obligation or a dependable estimate of obligation can’t be made.
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