Assignment 2 Building a Foundation for the Persuasive Speech

I will give personal connection to the global warming subject through giving personal experience and facts about its effects by citing some of the common effects I have experienced and those experienced by the audience or their close neighbourhood. Relating the topic to the audience will help me to develop a common ground and prove my credibility on the topic (Gregory, 2012). In addition, I will reveal my credentials such as trainings and seminars certificates on global warming and other relevant supportive information that I have attained in the course of my studies. I will also mention the sources of my speech that are from the field of global warming. This information will build audience trust and there will be high probability that they will listen to my speech.

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Need for intellectual stimulation

How would you keep the audience thinking and learning about your topic?

              In order to make the audience thinking and learning about global warming, it effects and the need to engage themselves in activities that would counter their effects would include engaging the audience by asking them simple questions related to the topic. This will ensure that the audience are always alert and following the topic so that they will be able to answer the questions whenever I ask. I will also give examples in form of stories in order to keep the audience on track. I will allow my audience to have a one-minute-break to discuss their experience on global warming before delivering the final part of the speech. According to Gregory (2012) engaging audience to maintain their focus on the subject matter and they tend to understand most of the speaker’s message.

Need for creativity

How would you make the speech creative?

              I will make my speech to be creative through telling short funny stories in between the speech. I will try to give examples that paint a picture in the mind of the audience. For example, Instead of saying that the area affected was 100 square kilometres, I will relate it to a given Island of the same size.

Need for relevance

How would you demonstrate that this topic is relevant to the audience’s needs and interests?

              I will include facts in my speech that show that global warming is a current problem that governments, organizations and individuals are trying to address and so there is need to learn about it. I will also include examples that have affected audience directly or indirectly in order for them to appreciate that they need to know about the topic. I will show the audience the need to address global warming issues in such forums so as to educate the major populations. Moreover, I will emphasise the future effects of global warming if respective stakeholders will not take responsibility to address the issues of global warming. I will also bringing out the fact that global warming might affect the audience either directly or indirectly and so there is need to study about its effects and control to prevent loss and damages that may be caused by it. This will make the audience to learn the relevance for the issue. The ability to relate the topic to the audience, the current events and your knowledge helps to demonstrate relevance of a given topic (Gregory, 2012).

Need for emphasis

How would you emphasize your main points so that the audience will remember those points after the speech?

              I will emphasise the main points by making repetitions, pause to show transition to a new and main point. I will also use key words such as note, important, worth and other words that show emphasis. I will try to raise the tone for the main points and in addition to informing the audience to note information. Moreover, I will support the main points using a number of reasons for emphasis. I will use gestures to signal a main point and try to maintain contact with the audience for sometimes. I will also write down the main points and ask the audience to note them in their note books. This will ensure that the audience are able to remember the main points after delivering global warming speech.


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