Attendance Monitoring System in St. Anthony’s College


An Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is a software program answer for monitoring the attendance of the scholars.

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Academics in the United States are to introduce a monitoring system to verify when college students attend or miss class. Sensors will detect student’s identification card, after they enter the lecture theatres. Warton courses for example, makes use of software that automatically decided if the student didn’t attend their classes and this will be mirrored in their grades and seen by their dad and mom.

In most college within the Philippines using paper primarily based system is the frequent method of monitoring the attendance. Whereas, the teacher will need to utter their names in the class and the scholars will have to verify their names if he/she is current for that day. Attendance Monitoring and Notification System will cut back this paper based system and saves time of attendance name in the course of the class. This system is a need for Universities.


This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” in regards to the stakeholders will improve the communication of the parents and the varsity leaders on monitoring the attendance of the students. This system will benefit a person or a gaggle which has a direct interest and involvement with this software. The begin of this system was final July 2012 and it’ll finish on October 2012, maybe second week or final week of the mentioned month. This system will be performed on our own college establishment (St. Anthony’s College San Jose, Antique), when this method was agreed fastened, that’s the time of implementing it.

The researchers propose for this technique to improve the customary method of attendance monitoring through computerization and to advise dad and mom with their youngsters via text notification.

Purpose and Description

This project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” is designed for the mother and father to bear in mind if his/her children are inside the school premises or not, and for the students to make certain of their unfair conduct of not being present with their lessons.

This project goals to implement an computerized attendance monitoring system using barcode reader and parent’s notification through SMS for St. Anthony’s College at San Jose, Antique to save time of checking the attendance of students and to improve the interaction between mother and father and college leaders.

The School Leaders provide the design and constructing of the system in order to process the machine needed for the automated attendance monitoring and notification system. The Parents will be involved by managing their youngsters and assures that they are secured because of Notifications they had been about to obtain which can help them management the behaviour of their children. The Students is a vital participant by merely coding his/her identification quantity in the machine for the attendance checking and automatically sends notification to their mother and father.


This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System of St. Anthony’s College” aims to develop and implement an automated monitoring of attendance and make the most of notifications to assist the scholars, college leaders and oldsters in securing, and managing the student’s attendance. Specifically, this capstone project goals to:

  1. Design and develop a system that provides contribution for the improvement and progression of the college.
  2. Saving the time of attendance name through the class.
  3. Reducing paper primarily based system.
  4. Assures dad and mom safety of their children’s security in St. Anthony’s College.
  5. Develop the researcher’s ability and expertise with regards in creating a program using Web Design. This can also be a means of sharing the data and abilities that gained in studying at Saint Anthony’s College.

 Scope and Limitations

This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” is targeted on the design, development and implementation of an automated monitoring of student’s attendance and sending notifications to their dad and mom by way of SMS that might be applied for all of the stakeholders that has a direct curiosity with the system. Only the releasing of grades, student’s emergencies and reply to receives school’s notification are not a half of this project.

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