Autistic Spectrum

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10 January 2022

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1.1 describe the kinds of problem that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition might have with language and different methods of communicating with others (to assist you to reply this question; What social difficulties would possibly autistic people have with any communication? What verbal and non verbal difficulties would possibly they have?)

1.2. Identify problems that people with an autistic spectrum condition might have in social interplay and relationships (to allow you to answer this question; How would the issues you looked at in 1;1 cause issues with autistic individuals interacting with different people? In what ways may people who don’t have autism be postpone making relationships with autistic folks because of these problems?)

1.2 define the issues of inflexibility and restrictiveness in actions and interests and how these might affect individuals on the autistic spectrum. (to allow you to answer this question; If folks with autism discover interaction with different people exhausting how is that this prone to affect their behaviour? How do autistic people react to any changes in their routines? Why do they need set or rigid routines ?

How do these modifications make them feel?)

2.1 clarify why it is important to recognise that every individual on the autistic spectrum has their very own particular person talents, needs, strengths, preferences and interests (To allow you to reply this questions;

How can getting to know somebody with autism assist you to when you are dealing with their individual problems? What special strengths or skills might autistic folks have? Do carers need to have totally different attitudes to autistic folks than other people? Why? How can carers be certain that the care given to autistic folks in individual and individual centred to them?)

2.2 describe why autism can be thought-about as a spectrum, encompassing people differing in the expression and severity of their symptoms (To help you reply this query; What is the definition of “spectrum”? (if you put a quote here please just remember to add quote marks (“ ,,,” )and a notice of the reference and date eg; [chambers twentieth century dictionary accessed 6/1/15]

Why is autism considered as a spectrum?
What different condition is it much like and why?
What completely different signs would possibly there be?

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