Autobiography The Happiest Refugee and Movie Lion Analysis

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10 January 2022

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Who are you? Where do you belong? Have you ever thought why you look comparable or totally different to different members of your family? Like, why do you have brown hair and your brother has purple hair? Ahn Do is a refugee from Vietnam and Saroo Brierley is an orphan from India who was adopted by an Australian family. What do these two men have in common? Well, the both go through a traumatic journey to discover who they really are and the place they actually belong.

Both men have overcome the adversity in their lives to find their true identification and the real which means the human situation. Identity is a key stepping stone on the means in which to changing into a novel person and is significant in forming a sense of self. This is often referred to as the human condition. Sometimes in order to find yourself, you must first be misplaced. This concept is often known as adversity. Another a part of forming the human condition is the presence of family and its importance on your growth.

Like within the Avicii music water is nice, but blood is thicker. These concepts are explored in the film Lion and the autobiography The Happiest Refugee.


The idea of household has been round because the dawn of time when the first people forming teams. When you belong to a family, there might be nothing that can drag you apart, not distance, nor the march of time. This concept was heavily explored in Anh Do’s inspirational autobiography, The Happiest Refugee. In his shifting phrases, he tells you about the journey that he takes along with his household, all risking their lives in a rickety boat, with hope that Australia might present not solely a protected haven but alternatives to achieve success. For his parents to make the decision after which to undergo with the journey should have been one of many hardest choices they’d ever have to make. The risk of dying was hanging over their heads with every wave that hit their wooden vessel. The household bonds between parents, dad and mom and kids and brother to brother had been tested on a every day basis. This wouldn’t solely be a help as soon as they landed in Australia, but also a hindrance.

The stress of being in a new country, without family help and a language barrier would prove to be troublesome for some family members to overcome. As we have progressed over the centuries the quantity of folks that describe their family as one that is adoptive has grown exponentially. It is quite normal now for white parents to undertake coloured children and for colored dad and mom to undertake white kids. This has a transparent impression on the child’s future and the way they’ll see and experience the world. This adoptive family is a large part of Saroo’s upbringing as he was adopted by a Tasmanian couple. When Saroo boarded a train along with his brother he would never dream that his life would turn out the way in which it did. Falling asleep on this prepare was each the largest mistake and the best stroke of luck that impacted his life. The largest mistake as a end result of he lost his household, but the most effective stroke of luck as his journey led him to Sue and John Brierley, who adopted him and eliminated him from a life of poverty. This had an excellent affect on his future as he started to forget the place he was from and the language he spoke, not only was he adopted but he adopted the ways of his family’. He was supplied with opportunities that his household in India would never have given him.

However, in the most devastating of twists, this triggered him to forget his past and overlook his id.IdentityIdentity effectively asks the question who am I. But what happens when this is taken away from and the place you understand, the people who are at all times round you are abruptly eliminated out of your life? If you are brought up in a selected tradition, like Saroo’s for instance, household performs an important part and whenever you lose that, you question your very existence. Similarly, Ahn’s household was ripped away from him when they boarded the refugee boat. They misplaced one part of themselves that showed where they truly belonged. And when they arrived in Australia, they not solely needed to take care of a very overseas culture, they needed to mourn the lack of their true identification.

Obviously, this concept of identity is a key part of the human condition because it modifications for every particular person as not every particular person is the same race or creed. One such instance of that is from Anh Do’s book in which he details his adolescence and the race of his parents who are Vietnamese. His id is that of Vietnamese. This idea of identity typically adjustments in case you are separated out of your unique dad and mom. This happened to Saroo when he was adopted. He learnt English and forgot his old language and because he was so young, he forgot the place exactly he was from.It’s these differences that make up id and the human condition, however these variations also can lead to struggles for some. They should face adversity.


The final and probably an important a part of the human condition is adversity. It could presumably be the most important due to the truth that it immediately influences your future self instantly. Depending on the way you overcome the adversity will decide the way you go about the same adversity again. Adversity can come from different things, it could come from situation or it could come from history. The adversity Ahn had to overcome was not solely the perilous journey to Australia, however the discrimination he and his household faced when here. In these times many Australians have been very open to refugees in their lives and treated them awfully as Ahn talks about within the e-book. This discrimination is felt in lion and the book it is primarily based on as when Saroo was rising up he was subject to discrimination from other people. The human situation is made up of three parts; household, id and adversity. These elements intertwine however are barely different. The human situation modifications for every particular person as no two individuals have the same family, identification or the identical challenges. This concept is explicitly shown in The Happiest Refugee and Lion as they tackle the issues of identity and adversity.

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