Autopsy of a Crime Scene

1.Which technique is the best choice when blood is found at a crime scene?

In the genetics laboratory (under “resources” at the bottom of the window), who is one individual that contributed to modern genetic analysis? What did this person contribute? I would say that analyzing the blood in a lab would be the best technique. Alec Jeffreys is known as the father of genetic profiling. He invented what is now an essential technique, especially in forensic science, called a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR.

2.How are computers used in fingerprint analysis?

Experts examine tiny fingerprint details known as minutiae. These may be loops, dots, forks, islands, etc. Several comparison points must be perfectly matched for two fingerprints to be considered identical.

3.Who is a pioneer in fingerprint analysis?

Describe a famous case that this person was involved in. Edward Foster studied fingerprint analysis in the US and introduced it to Canada. IN1911, Foster testified as a fingerprint expert in the Jennings case. Fingerprints in the wet paint next to Mr. Hiller, the murder victim, were the only clue. Foster demonstrated to the court that the prints of Thomas Jennings, who had been arrested as he was fleeing the scene, matched those left in the paint, and Jennings was convicted.

4.What is the role of the forensic chemist in crime scene investigation?

These experts analyze all chemical, organic, and inorganic aspects of a sample. They separate the components and identify them using a variety of tests and devices. Their findings are used as evidence by the investigator and in court.

5.Who helped pioneer forensic chemistry?

Describe one of her famous cases. France McGill became a pathologist and teacher is Saskatchewan. When Dr. McGill examined the stomachs of an elderly couple who had died on Christmas Day, she found a large quantity of strychnine, a powerful poison, along with the bran. The murder weapon was soon identified: the two of the victims had eaten bran muffins baked by their granddaughter. She had actually intended them for her father. She was charged with murder, but later acquitted.

6.In the ballistics laboratory, what is the water tank used for?

Describe the analysis. To determine whether a bullet found at the crime scene actually came from the suspects weapon, it must be compared with another bullet from the same gun. Ballistics experts fire it into a special water tank that slows and stops the bullet so that they can collect it intact.

7.Who helped pioneer ballistics analysis?

What did he contribute? Wilfrid Derome was a multitalented Quebec doctor: a medico-legal expert, toxicologist, forensic photographer, medical examiner and scientific communicator. He founded the Laboratoire de recherché medico-legales de Montreal, the first laboratory in North America and only the third in the world. His motto: “Never allege anything you can’t prove.”

8.Why is measuring and diagramming the scene important?

A police officer makes a sketch of the scene, measuring distances using measuring tapes and a laser meter. He notes the specific location of objects, Clues, and the body. The photos of this sketch will later be used to draw an accurate plan of the site on the computer.

9.What materials or tools would a crime scene technician use?

A crime scene technician would use a camera to photograph the scene, a polilight to find clues that a rent visible to the naked eye, he would make diagrams and take measurements, they would use a magna brush and some type of colored powder to make any fingerprints more visible, and anything to properly take samples with.

10.From the activity and the information it had, what aspect of an investigation do you think you’d most like to work in?

For example, would you prefer one of the laboratories? What appeals to you about this particular aspect of the investigation? I think I would like to work in a lab doing ballistics examination because I like to do a lot of puzzles and I believe that in some aspects it is like a big puzzle trying to figure out which gun fired the bullets at the scene.

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