AWS Analysis

I am providing you with an analysis and recommendations for the AWS unit of which will benefit your unit. The information present on which of Porter’s four competitive strategies your unit should follow, gives a list of information systems for Sales/Marketing and Customer Service chains. I will also tell you how “the cloud” can be utilized and why your unit should use a server farm for providing services.

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It is essential to focus on industry-wide and differentiation of the Porter’s Four Competitive Strategies. That strategy will advise you to offer better products and services across the industry. The reason why I picked this section of Porter’s Four Competitive Strategies is that in 2010 on average sold 158 items per second in 178 countries. You are a unit which is a part of a global industry, we have to make sure that your services are better than competitors and are known worldwide. This focus will impact the unit’s business processes and information systems in those fields:

•Importance of volume to supplier
•Relative price performance of substitutes
•Supplier concentration
•Brand identity
•Buyers incentives
Those are important sections in your unit that you have to change or focus to be successful worldwide.

I recommend that sales and marketing chain use Purchasing information system. The Purchasing system will help employees to determine customers’ needs and wants based on their shopping. In this process a system will identify the type of products that customer is searching or purchasing and create a special section of recommendation with the deals that will fit customer’s interest. This type system will collect data with customers’ interest which will help in their product selection and suppliers advertisement. This system will lock in customers and buyers.

In customer service chain I recommend Product information system. The Product information system will allow employees to evaluate customers’ satisfaction with our web services. It will be a system that collect customers’ notes about satisfaction with services and products they wish to see on our website. The system will automatically send those to suppliers which will help them in their product selection. It will help to lock in suppliers and create new products and services.

A server farm is a collection of computer servers. It is mainly used for web hosting. The server farm contributes to high financial and environmental costs. It will be good to use by AWS unit because their services allow customers to use their servers for their personal use of software. Which require a lot of space to store all of that data.

The cloud service is providing easy on demand access to applications, resources and services through internet. The cloud is in advantage for customers because they can access it from any source for so long there is an internet connection. It saves the customer’s space on his personal computer and they are run by fast and stable servers. The AWS unit leases their computer resources on flexible terms for customer’s needs.

If you will combine the Porter’s strategies with information system recommendations your unit will increase it sales of services. These are essential information that you should focus on.

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