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1. How do you think a small margin for error affects communication on a project? I think that it can affect the zero error margins. By not listening and paying close attention to the information, room for error can occur. Also after knowing that there zero room for error the people working on the project will pay close attention to any communication.

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2. In what ways do you act differently in a face to face meeting than you do during a telephone conference call? I have not have the experience, but may I feel that the difference would be that during a conference call, the person who is talking will not be able to see and body expression thus thinking that everything is okay. In a face to face call the person that relates the info can see anybody that might not agree and ask why they might feel this way.

3. Why is it written communication essential in some situations (such as conveying specifications), while oral communication is essential in others (such as technology interchange transfers)? Written communication sometimes is a necessity it’s like having an architect and telling the contractor what to do. It will be quite hard for the contractor, because he might know where to start; miscommunication and the architect might have other projects. So it might be easier to have the plans on hand and the contractor can go over it several times to ensure the building is coming along to specification. The oral communications are just simple decision that will be agreed upon not really giving any numbers because it will be harder to explain in detail than having the plan in front.

4. What listening hurdles do you find yourself facing as you listen to others? How do you handle it when you believe someone you’re speaking to is not hearing what you say? Some hurdles I find myself facing would be distractions, such as watching the T.V. and having a conversation with the family a lot of communication can be lost by trying to listen to both at the
same time.

I have found several ways to combat this issue, one that the text give is asking questions to see if the audience is listening. Another that I have learned from my supervisor were if there are people talking during a speech he brings the attention to the coworkers by asking everybody to pay attention to them because I guess there conversation is more important than the information that is being given, he then proceeds back to the information. I have seen this one work several times.

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