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Assignment: Analyzing Satire

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In the chart below describe the problems the author of “A Modest Proposal” associates with each group listed. Next, explain the author’s solution to the problem and in the final column, describe the supposed “benefits” which will result from the implementation of this “modest proposal.”


burden on parents and society and economy
parents can’t afford kids

kill, cook, and eat the kids
no overpopulation, crowding
economy is boosted
new market for child meat is created
no burden to children, society

Children Ages 12-14

Can’t find work
Are starving, and parents cannot afford to feed or take care of them burden on economy kill them? No, meat is too tough and not tasty
same as benefits for babies, but doesn’t apply since there is no solution Elderly, Maimed, or Ill

burden on economy and society
can’t find jobs and are also starving

No solution, because Swift says they will die fast enough anyways none(because there is no solution)

Write a paragraph in which you describe the ACTUAL solution which Swift wants to be implemented.

The point of satirical writing is to point attention and make fun of problems in order for people to be educated about them. If society is educated then there is hope for change. Swift is using irony and shock, and even all these years it shocks us. Swift poses himself as a credible and moral person. He also statistics and even a source in his proposal. The actually solution is for people to rise and get England’s reign end over Ireland. The policies are killing their country.

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