Beauty in Nature

The world has come to a point where there is no turning back; where we can’t undo what is already done. We have forgotten the importance of the use of natural resources we need to survive. We have also forgotten our responsibility to the world, so that it can remain healthy and alive. I fear if we continue polluting our environment and not help it improve itself, we are going to have nothing towards the end. The world needs a better place for everyone to enjoy, no matter what living situation you are in. Everything relates to one another, water, air, energy, sun light, humans, and specially animals; we are all useful to one another. However, I believe that it is possible for us to improve our living situation, and make our world healthier to live in. It is not impossible to do, but if everyone is willing to work together and start making changes there will be a positive effect towards the world. We live and breathe toxic and factory pollution in our everyday lives without even realizing the damage that we have caused. Every year the atmosphere thickens with air pollution and lakes are becoming more toxic with the waste that we dump. Not realizing what we have done to the world and what we are taking advantage of, should be the red flag for us, telling us that we need to change our living situations now. However, being asked to cut down on some of our resources that we use in our everyday life would be difficult to do because some wouldn’t know how to survive without them. We need the supplies that we are used to because it is what we know and what we are used too. On the other hand, what is the harm on trying something new; taking shorter showers, picking up trash that is around you in public areas, buying recyclable pencils, or plastic bottles? Humans are not the only ones who live on the world; animals are very much involved too. Animals need to feel safe; they need a home to live in, and cutting down trees destroying their homes are not the answers. Animals suffer every day to find a home. For example Polar bears are going extinct because there is it too much heat in the atmosphere, heat is beginning to melt off the remaining ice that is left for them. Forest animals are being forced to live in different habitats because trees are being cut down for shelter and living supplies for the humans.

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If the world continues to cut down trees and make more land for people to live on, there are going to be no trees left. Animals are defenseless against humans; they don’t have a voice as humans do. Someone needs to speak up for the animals, and protect their homes. Nature can be seen as a beautiful thing, yet we are killing off those beautiful things in the world. We do not do it intentionally, but we are killing off our natural resources just by living our daily lives. We are killing off our trees, so we can have paper and money so we can spend more on paper, houses, and fire. When one tree falls, another should be planted. This can help and we wouldn’t run out of trees. Cows, chicken, pigs, animals are getting killed off so we can have food on our plate, and have clothes on our backs so we won’t freeze during the winter nights. Even though we need nature to survive there is always a negative effect using it. There are many ways that we can improve our world. Although it might be difficult to fix the damage that was already caused there is still hope for improvement. If we start off small and work ourselves to the top improving the environment would become easier each year. We should turn off the lights after exiting the room, and install sensor lights in every house making sure that energy is not being wasted. We can cut back on our water supply when we are in the shower or washing the dishes and watering the grass, by setting a timer on when to stop. We can create new technologies, so we are able to manage the amount of smoke that comes out in factories.

We can also help the environment by getting others to join beach cleanups. Having more people picking up trash can help in many ways. Cleaning up the beach made me think about the other things that can help this world to survive a bit longer. It is not impossible to do because humans are the main source; we are the ones that need little something from everything and from everyone. It is not hard to pick up unwanted trash around you at the park or the streets, it is rare when people do that but little things like that can change a lot. Picking up a broken glass from the beach might have saved someone’s foot from running into it; picking up the burned rubber from the fire pit might have saved a bird from shocking to death. One thing leads to another, everything matters in life weather if it is the smallest thing in the world. Picking up trash in the beach made it look cleaner and made it look like a beach that people would enjoy going to. Going to the beach has encouraged me to go back and enjoy the sound the waves do when they hit the surface. The beach clean was a fun experience to have because it can make you love nature even more by the smell or the sound that it makes. One can enjoy the view of the dolphins when they pass by in little groups, going up and down as if they are saying hi and goodbye each time their head pops out. Protecting and enjoying the beach is important because it is something that was created for us to enjoy the fresh air, and ignore the ugly in the world. In conclusion, if we make small changes now in the way we live, we can avoid huge changes in the future. Scientists, governments and individuals must work together to overcome this threat. Keeping the environment clean and healthy can save many lives infants, teens, and the elderly. Cleaning earth and making it a better place is not in overnight process, it will probably take years to fix, but it is possible.

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