Beka Lamb

A strong short extract can multiply to over a thousand words. In this passage Edgell uses the past, the present and discusses the changes Beka went through in the past year. The previous behavior, the bad influences, and the lack of care she had as a person. The writer opens the reader’s eyes to show how bad company can affect you in the long run.

In the first paragraph Edgell opens up the extract speaking about Beka arriving to school early “The school yard was deserted by the time Beka made her way to the front of the school.” This suggests that Beka was prepared and ready for work. She was not worried about others and the time they arrived. This was a big step of independence for Beka after the incident of her best friend Toycie being expelled. Beka was no longer living for Toycie but she was living for herself. Beka would walk around school speaking harsh words about people, laughing and making jokes about innocent persons “ They wouldn’t link arms and stroll about at recess time, exchanging gossip about girls and nuns.” Her mind was set on the wrong priorities. She was not one to have a mind of her own or spend her lunchtime talking about something useful and meaningful.

As time went on Beka realized the type of person Toycie really was. She finally saw the real her. Beka was no longer drawn in by her shadow but she has grown to be a better person. She realized that toycie is childlike and immature “ Toycie was going to have a child , and Beka suddenly realized that Toycie herself was childlike” her minor changes were now clear and visible to the readers. Beka has now met a new friend ‘ Thomasita Ek ‘ with morals and a good education “rounding the corner of the nuns’ residence she spied Thomasita ek ” “She was turning the pages of a book open in her arms” Last year Beka would have never spoken to Thomasita, she would be one to make fun of with Toycie. But now her view on life was different, Thomisita was a good influence and a hard working student. She passed Beka that lunchtime asking her to review for the test. They insisted that they studied together, Beka has now come to the conclusion that studying is soothing to her mind “Beka discovered that it was soothing to fix her mind on lines and angles” She is now serious about her studies and ready to achieve goals in life.

Edgell has shown us the change in Beka over a year’s time and he has given us points to why Beka will have a more successful year this school year by contrasting all of the different events. Beka is sure to be a hard working individual this year, all because of the distraction of a “friend” being gone. In life all you need is one bad seed which will cause you to fail. The world is about hustle, dedication and having a mind of your own. In this extract Edgell tells us a story about a bad seed that has grown to be a beautiful flower.

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