Benefits of Media Fast

Most of the innovations that happened in the twentieth are extremely valuable to human kind. Advancement in technology that mostly happened in the twentieth century has other various advantages besides making machines efficient and convenient. The discovery of computers has made work easier, and in addition, computers are a substantial contribution to effective communication. With the rising population, it is easier to control and regulate people by the use of computers. Through the same innovation, creation of social networking sites has brought the world closer. Social networking sites such as Facebook provide a credible platform for interaction among people from various communities across the world. In the course of interaction, individual perception of the social, economic, political, physical and spiritual world can be significantly influenced due to the constant exchange of ideas (Vorderer, 2006). However, technology has consumed people’s time and space, making it impossible to live without technology. This paper is going to explore the benefits associated with fasting from media for a weekend.

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First, fasting from media, including all electronic gadgets reduces impulse buying and unhealthy eating habits encouraged by advertisements. Advertisements encourage people to buy things that they really do not need. Impulse buying occurs due to advertisement; this is because of the nature of advertisement content which convinces consumers. On the other hand, branding of commodities entice buyers to purchase things that they don’t intend to buy. Advertisement cost is extended to consumers, hence making products to have a top-notch price compared to the initial price. The new arrival of a gadget in the market sets a certain class and advertisement plays a great role in promoting it (Vardi, 2011). Moreover, the information given about it can be misleading, for example, when an advertisement message speaks of nutritious food, while in real sense is chemically manufactured and it contains nothing nutritional. Emerging trends of luxurious goods, mostly compromise the market diversity since many people will be enticed on a new commodity’s arrival rather than analyze its exclusivity quality. This affects consumerism negatively. Fasting from advertisement exposure reduces risk of eating unhealthy foods, and also impulse buying.

Secondly, media fast enable one to create and build relationships with family and friends. Technology has been blamed for the elevated exasperation in youth. The usage of smart phones for texting, internet and playing games has had a negative impact on their psyche, which has increased their frustrations. The adolescents get frustrated and agitated any time they are asked to do anything, especially when they are on the internet playing games. For example, when a mother asks a child to take out the trash can, the child will get very angry instantly since he or she thinks the mother is interfering with his or her chat or playtime, and such issues have led to the deterioration of mother- child relationships (Vardi, 2011). Additionally, a media fast will enable more interaction between people, which rarely occurs due to use of technological gadgets. Fasting from media helps in family and friends’ social bonding.

Abstaining from the media over the weekend helps in relaxation and better sleep. People experience difficulties everyday because of the blue light given off by TV and computer screens. This light resembles the light given off by the sun, tricking the human body into reducing the melatonin production, a hormone responsible for sleep pattern (Price, 2013). People therefore, stay up late either surfing or watching movies instead of resting at night over the weekends. However, a media fast enable one to avoid watching television and being exposed to blue light, which results to a good night’s rest. Lack of sleep issue a serious health issue that can cause serious medical problems for a person. Media fast, therefore, eliminated the melatonin production interruption, enabling the body to rest well during the night and to consequently exhibit better health and energy the following day.

Lack of physical activity in many adolescents is as a result of overusing technology. Advanced technology has provided a completely alternative and unique way of communication and way of interacting with one another. The youths are using applications like the apps, social networks, online games which has hindered the physical communication and interaction the kids used to have before the emergence of technology (Prasad, 2011). Youths that spent long hours on the internet are known to be lonely. When people are mainly on the internet, TV, and cell phone, they isolate themselves, feel neglected and their senses become over stimulated leading to obesity. These problems may later translate to heart attack, stroke and Diabetes or mental retardation that causes addiction to the internet or drugs, development of pervert behaviors and also, they may become very violent (Price, 2013). Although putting down media for a weekend is not enough to start exercising, the chance provides one with time to take a walk, meet new people, work on the garden, visit the gym and any other activity as long as one is doing something.

Media fast helps in reducing stress related issues. People have become so addicted to media such that they cannot go without it. The constant flow of information, updates, TV and internet are quite overwhelming. As a result of this, many adolescents lack patience due to overusing technology. Patience being a key virtue in one’s life, lack of it may cause a person to lose his will. In today’s life one has to be determined and you cannot achieve it without being patient, which makes the impatient individuals to find it hard to survive. Vardi (2011) attests that many adolescents are losing tolerance, due to using technology wrongfully and for a long time. When the adolescents want to view a page and the internet is taking long to load they become very frustrated and impatient and this even translates to their daily lives and they may end up stressed. For the people who are employed, it is not possible to get any rest since they carry the office back at home! Smart phones and computers take the time intended for family. Turning of all these updates, internet and TV provides one with a chance to relax and avoid stress.

Media fast enable people to think for themselves. Overusing the internet has seen many people lose their creativity and writing skills. This is as a result of excessive use of chatting engines and shortcuts which have seen the youths lose writing skills. It is difficult for a youth to even construct a sentence without putting in the shortcuts that make it lose meaning and cannot be used in a learning environment. They rely more on communicating in a digital way that they cannot even spell certain words, proper use of grammar is an issue and they are not able to do cursive writing (Vardi, 2011). However, this opportunity can provide them with a chance to use their mind.

In conclusion, technology has again consumed people’s time and space, making it impossible to live without technology. Although the human brain is capable of keeping up with the high rate of technological advances, a breather once in a while may be useful to avoid stress and help in relaxation of the mind and body.


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