Benefits of Oil of Oregano

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20 December 2015

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Benefits of Oil of Oregano


            Oregano oil is a natural substance extracted from wild oregano plant, which is very useful for human health as they help in killing harmful microorganisms responsible for causing illness in human body. The oregano oil is linked to its properties since it can be used as an antifungal anti-inflammatory. The oil is through steam distillation of the leaves. The herb is used to treat respiratory disorders, menstrual crumbs and some urinary disorders. The oil is also for some skin conditions like acnes. The aromatic flavors found in oregano oil are very essential for cooling. It can be used in meat since it helps reduce the toxic components present in the meat, which are created during the cooking process.

            The oil can be used for fighting off infections in homes since it fights off multi drug resistance bacteria. It can also be beneficial to animals to prevent occasional diarrhea supplemented with probiotics. Although the oils can be beneficial for dietary supplement, it is not advisable to use on children in large quantities on children under the age of six years. The oil is useful for regulating menstruation and delaying menopauses. Women can use this oil for improving their mood balance and oncoming menopause. These oils are very important for our daily health benefits and should be used regularly (Bowden, J. 2007 the 150 healthiest foods on earth).

            Another major benefits of Oil of Oregano is the fact that an individual can directly apply it on the skin. However, there is need to dilute it first. Another healthy benefit of oil of oregano is that it plays significant role during digestion (Bowden, 2007). This is because it persuades the flow of bile in the entire digestive organs. With this perspective, one can argue that it helps in improving the digestion procedure. Oil of Oregano can also be used when one has a sore throat. An individual is advised to take 3 drops of oil of oregano each. For a couple of five days, the symptoms fade away. Thus, oil of oregano plays critical role in our body.

Why coconut water should be included in your daily diet

            Coconut water has proven to be good for our health. However, it is crucial to understand some of the drinks that one should substitute with coconut water. For instance, one should not substitute clean or filtered water with coconut water. This entails that they should never refrain from taking clean water. Some of the drinks such as tea, coffee and colas can be substituted with coconut water. In addition, one should also drink coconut water immediately it has been cut. This is because when one takes it immediately it is cut; he or she will be in a position to get nutritional benefits as it fresh and rich in nutrients. Furthermore, pure coconut water is claimed to be fresh and has no additives. In relation to this, it is said to have no cholesterol and thus, it can play significant role in our body.

            Many studies argue that drinking coconut water makes our body health. This entails that it is crucial to include coconut water in every meal. There are many benefits associated with coconut water. For example, some studies argue that coconut water helps to prevent dehydration in our body. This means that every individual should include coconut water in his or her diet. Another major benefit that coconut water plays in our body is that it helps to reduce fatigue or tiredness that people feel lazy. For instance, it replenish the lost of natural salt that people looses during sweating. Thus, it helps to replace the water lost through sweating (Wilson & Wilson, 2002). With this regard, one can argue that it helps to make an individual look more energetic.

            Other studies argue that coconut water also plays some critical role in our body. For example, they help in building up the entire immunity. This is a case where it improves the functions of kidney. It also helps in preventing some of the urinary tract infections that has become prone to people (Wilson & Wilson, 2002). For a couple of years, coconut water has been used as one way of lowering high rate of blood pressure. Thus, it is quit advisable to include coconut water in our daily diet.

            Researchers have found several benefits of coconut water on pregnant women. For instance, it helps in reducing some of the morning complications that they suffer. They also help to reduce some of the common symptoms in pregnant women such as constipation that many of them suffer from. They also reduce the level of acidity in pregnant mother. Due to these benefits one gets from drinking coconut water, it is clear to argue that they should include them in their daily diet.


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